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periodical journal

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Unknown Author, (1995) “Yearly review of management: special issue of the Journal of management”, Journal Of Management, Vol.21 No. 3, Pages 357-609.

Abstract: A special issue reviews recent management scholarship and discusses areas for future research. In the lead article, the important areas for future strategy-related research at the international, corporate, and business levels are identified, and the research questions that require integration across multiple levels of strategy as well as the incorporation of both the content and process dimensions of strategy are addressed.

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periodical journal
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Subsequent articles cover such areas as participation programs, leadership behavior, strategic decision-making, firm-level responses to government regulation, conflict and its management, and gain sharing. (www.monroe.cc.mi.us/library)(http://firstsearch.oclc.org/WebZ/FTFETCH?sessionid=sp02sw03-44408-cfufbxdc-xo20g9:entitypagenum=23:0:rule=990:fetchtype=fulltext:dbname=WilsonSelect PLUS_FT:recno=16:resultset=5:ftformat=ASCII:format=T:isbillable=TRUE:numrecs=1:isdirectarticle=FALSE:entitymai)

Evaluation: In my opinion, the article was extremely interesting because it focused on all the levels management levels.

It helped me further identify the research strategies involved in making the managers position more of a controlled environment rather than an uncontrolled environment. It also helped me fully understand the management position as a “whole” and the variety of research tactics involved.

Implications: The information in the article is useful to management because it fully describes the research that takes place to help an organizations management. The strategy-research will help implement the manager’s position as well as strengthen an organization due to management research.


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