Personal Computer

Now-a-days computers are one of the most useful things we use in our daily life for different purposes. In today’s world everyone owns a computer. But at first one needs to buy a computer to use it when necessary at home or workplace. Even though buying a personal computer isn’t that tough but one needs to focus on some specific things so that the computer he or she’s buying suits him or her best. The main thing is when someone’s buying a computer he or she needs to focus on the specific purpose of buying the computer. While buying a computer the most important thing for me is the brand value.

I prefer DELL or HP more than any other brand as a desktop computer and of course an intact package of DELL or HP is good but sometimes packages don’t include all the features. So, the best things is buying different parts from different but best brands and make a custom pc and I think that’ll be the best. As I like to play lots of computer games, enjoy music and movies I’ve to focus on the processor, graphics card, sound card, RAM, HDD space. I also prefer a quite large widescreen LCD or LED monitor. Gaming, graphics designing and entertainment purposes are most important to me and as I want a very updated computer.

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So, first of all I will definitely buy an INTEL core i7 processor because it is the best and the cost is around 30,000 to 35,000 tk. and I’ll buy it and all other parts needed for my computer from RYANS computer (ph no. 8118298, 8113983) because they provide all sort of brand products and I absolutely don’t doubt their product and warranty is given on every products based on the price and it has a huge showroom in the BCS computer city as well as on some other places too. Of course I need a very powerful and suitable graphics card for as I like gaming.

I prefer NVIDIA or ATI RAEDON more than any other graphics cards. My main choice will be a NVIDIA G-Force 9800 or a higher version because it’ll not only help me with my gaming but also will help me with graphics designing, photoshop features etc. and will cost me more or less around tk. 15,000. Then I’ve to focus on the RAM and I need a TRANSCEND DDR3 8 GB RAM and the cost will be approximately around 8,000 tk. After that HDD space is a major thing and it has to be at least 1 TB and it’ll cost around tk. 10,000 and it’ll be a SAMSUNG or TRANSCEND.

A good sound system is also necessary for me and I prefer JBL or ALTEC LANSING 2:1 where JBS will cost around tk. 15,000 and ALTEC LANSING will cost tk. 8,000. For better gaming performance I also need to buy a joystick which will cost around tk. 2,000. I always prefer a widescreen DELL or HP LCD or LED monitor like 22 or 26 inch and it’ll be around tk. 9,000 to 16,000. A DVD writer is going to cost around tk. 1,500.

Other important things like mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner and CPU cover is needed and A4 TECH is quite a good and renown brand for mouse and keyboard where both of these combined are going to cost around tk. ,000. Printer and scanned jointly is going to cost around 12,000 tk. and CANON will be the best choice. CPU cover has lots of variations but I prefer a nice and simple one which will cost me around tk. 1,500. Now I need to create a suitable platform for my personal computer where I can play games, run all the applications, enjoy movies and songs. At first the operating system and of course it’ll be Windows 7 because every applications and softwares easily support on it. Then I need to install a strong anti-virus which will protect my computer from different types of viruses, spams, trojans.

I prefer KASPERSKY internet security because it offers not only the internal security of computer but also prevents all sorts of threads from the internet and it costs tk. 1099. So, definitely it’s the best protector for any computer at a reasonable price. Then I’ve to install various softwares which will help me to run my programs. The most important softwares I need for my computer are KMplayer, Jet Audio, uTorrent, MS office enterprise, Adobe reader, Photoshop, Acrobat, AutoCAD, Flash player, Vypress, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Direct X 9. 0 or higher and IDM.

All these softwares are necessary for gaming, working and entertainment purposes and also these will increase my computer’s performance. Most of these softwares are shareware and I’ve to buy these for a fixed price but in our country we can have them all in just only in one CD or DVD of course that will be piracy but we have no other choice in our country. Although I’m not going to buy these but I’ll simply download all these softwares directly from internet using uTorrent or IDM and also I’ll have to download a patch or crack which will make these softwares 100% genuine.

So, finally I can say that these are the things I’ve to focus on to buy a personal computer. All the softwares and hardwares I’ve mentioned will definitely make a perfect personal computer although it’ll cost me around tk. 1, 00,000 but it’ll definitely fulfill my application and accessory need. If I will buy a package of DELL or HP it also would cost me more or less the same and some extra to modify it. So, in summary, I can say that this is the best computer one can buy to keep him or herself updated with the world where one can run each and every applications for at least next 2 years.

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