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Personal diary

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Prizes won:

1. An Episode Winner and Title Runner In Chinnari Chinnikrishnudu Programme In Bhakti Channel conducted in 2010, 2011.
2. First Prize In Patriotic Songs Division Conducted By Bharateeya Kala Samithi, Alkapuri 26-01-2010.

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Personal diary
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3. First Prize In Dance Competition And Second Prize In Vocal Conducted By BAL Bhavan On The Occasion Of Vidyapakshotsavalu In June 2011.
4. First Prize In Devotional Competition Conducted By Bharateeya Kala Parishat On The Occasion of Sree Rama Navami Festival, In April 2011.
5. Second and First Prize in Singing Competition At Sri Chaitanya Techno School 2009,2011 Respectively.

6. Second Place in Fancy Dress Conducted By Jagruti Sangeeta Samstha, Vanasthalipuram 9-5-2010.
7. Second Prize in Group Song Competition At Kendriya Vidyala 15-08-2008.
8. Third Prize In Fancy Dress Competition At BAL Divas Celebrations.
9. Second Prize At “Aatta, Maata, Paata,” Conducted By AP CULTURAL AFFAIRS AND DALITA LALITA KALA SAMITHI, AT RAVINDRABHARATI, 25-04-2011.
10. Third Place In Action Song Competition In Kendriya Vidyalaya. 28-03-2008.
11. Third Place In Handwriting Competition Conducted By Apsara. 28-08-2007.
12. Consolation Prize At Bhanumati Songs Competition Conducted By Padmasree Bhanumati Memorial Arts Academy.

13. Special Prize For Classical Dance Conducted By Surabhi Academy Of Performing Arts.
14. First Prize Library Celebrations In Patriotic Competition In The Year October, 2011.
15. Special Prize Patriotic Competition On The Occasion Of Children’s Day By Nehru Bala Bhavan 2011.

16. Special Prize Under Bala Sangam In The Year 2011 On The Occasion Of Children’s Day.
17. Special Prize In Thyagaraja Kruthis Under S.S.Music Academy, Hyderabad And Pallavi Fine Arts, Combinedly Conducted On The Occasion Of Thyagaraja Aradhana Utsavalu In The Month of December, 2011

18. First Prize in Singing Competition Conducted By Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Dilsuknagar, Hyderabad January, 2012.

19. Second Prize in Thyagaraja Kruthis Conducted By Bharatiya Kala Samithi, Alkapuri, Hyderabad January, 2011.

20. First prize in patriotic songs competitions conducted by YMCA – 2012.

21. She got First Prize Gurujada Lalitha Kala Vedika 2011 in Music.

22. Third prize in Traditional Telugu Marriage songs, competition combinedly conducted by Sadana Sravanthi and A.P Cultural Affairs on November 2012.

23. Consolation prize in Ramadas Keerthanulu conducted by Andhra Balananda Sangham November 2012.

24. Special prize in Songs competion conducted by Sai Alekya Cultural organization Nov-12.

25. First prize in Padya Patanam competition on Telugu conducted by Sadana Sravanthi and A.P Cultural Affairs on November 2012.

26. Special Prize in traditional mangalaharathulu singing competition Sadana Sravanthi and A.P. Cultural Affairs on November 2012.

27. Second Prize in Annamaya Keerthana style in (Light Music) Andhra Balananda Sangham November 2012.

28. Third Prize in Annamaya Keerthana style in (Folk Music) at Andhra Balananda Sangham November 2012.

29. She is episode winner of programme in saptagiri on January 2013.

30. First prize for Patriotic music competition conducted by Gurajada Cultural Organization 2013.

31.first prize in bhakthi songs compitition conducted by bramhanabandhu.com 2013.

32.first prize in tyagaraya krithis conducted by shilparamam ugadi celebrations 2013

33.second prize in karnatic musicconducted by shilparamam ugadi celebrations 2013

34.third prize in ramadasu keertanalumusicconducted by shilparamam ugadi celebrations 2013

35.first prize in semi classical music competitions.

36.first prize in semiclassical competion conducted by g.k. events 2013.

37.second prize in patriotic music competions conducted by kala nilayam 2013.

38.third prize in film music competititons conducted by g.k. events 2013.

39.first prize in sloka,padhya and singing competition in radhabharathi cultural organization.

40.second prize in patriotic music competions conducted by ramanandha tirtha bala bhavan




Bala ratna award by state bal bhavan 2013 by Chief minister of Andhra pradesh.

State Level Best child singer award. Awarded by Hrudayabharathi Cultural Organization by four Kendra Sahithya Nataka Academy Winners in the year 2011.
Bala Vikasa Bharathi Award by Kamalakar Memorial Charitable Trust in the year 2011 in the field of Multi Talent.

Rasamai Bala ratna Ugadi Puraskaram Award 2012 by Rasamai Cultural Organization, Hyderabad.

BALAGANAMADHURI Award By Athmiya Women Welfare Association, Hyderabad.

Ugadi Uttama Puraskaram 2012 by Manasa Arts Theatres, Hyderabad.

Sthri Sakthi Puraskaram by Sachidananda Kala Peetam, 2012.

Wonder Records Multi Talented Artist by Pune Cultural Association 2012.

CCRT Scholarship holder in the field of Music 2012.

Little Petal Award by Lalitha Cultural Association 2012.

Bala sakthi Puraskaram by Sri Kalanilayam cultural organization 2012.

Bala mithra award by sangamithra cultural organization 2013.

Bala gana parimalam award by sachidananda kala peetham 2013.

Bala gana kokila by lalitha Cultural Association 2013.

Bala jyothi award by g.k events 2013.

Raising star award by lalitha cultural association 2013.

Incredible girl child award by a.p. balala hakkula sangham 2013.

Sangita sarasvati award by sai alekhya arts academy.

Pratibha smaraka protsaha puraskaram by vaddi raju padmakar 2013.


1.She has given concert in satha rupam in June 2010 conducted by department of cultural affairs, AP.
2. She has given programmes on Annamacharya kirtanas in tv9 and tv1 under “Thirumalanu kapadudam musicconducted by shilparamam ugadi celebrations 2013
3.She has given concert on annamacharya kirtis at TTD Himayat nagar, Hyderabad2010.
4. She has participated in laksha galarchana for silicon Andhra Hyderabad 11-05-2009.
5. She has given special interview in children programme in HMTV titled little star in HMTV during 28-08- 2010.
6. She sang in a cd named “uppongina telangana” 2011.
7. She sang in a cd named hanuman audios “rama duuta” 2011, by Aditya music pvt ltd.
8. She has performed as Krishna in nauka charitam ballet written by tyagaraja swami at tyagaraja jayanti Utsavam.01-05-2011, conducted by bharateeya kala samithi.
9. She has participated in vocal competition at tyagaraja festival on 03-05-2011., conducted by bharateeya kala samithi.
10. She performed music and dance at graduation ceremony on 15-04-2011 at Sri Chaitanya Techno School.

11. She has participated in tv1 programme as a singer and dancer on the occasion of sankranthi festival 2011.

12. She performed music and dance on Buddhist preaching’s on the occasion of Buddha jayanthi on 17-05-2011, conducted by Buddha prachara samithi at Ravindra bharati.

13. She performed in HMTV on 21-05-2011 special programme “marumrogina pata” live Telecast.

14. She performed Annamacharya kirtanas at “Paatalakolluvu” book releasing function on 27-04-2011, conducted by Andhra pada sahitya parishat.
15. She performed on 3rd June, 2011, on the occasion of book releasing function of Dr Vasunandan felicitated by Ex- chief minister hon’ble K.Rosiah, hon’ble education minister b.sridharbabu, and Dr C. Narayana Reddy.

16. She performed music and dance on the occasion of Rabindranath Tagore 150 years Celebrations conducted by jawahar BAL bhavan on rabindra sangeet. “Bodo asha” in Bengali, June 2011.

17. She performed kirtanas of sadguru sriganapathi sachidananda swamiji on 29th august, 5 and13 Sep 2011, at tyagaraya ganaa sabha, under sachidaananda kala peetam.
18. She performed music and dance on 7th sep 2011, at Ravindra Bharathi felicitated by Hon’ble Dy. CM Damodara Raja Narasimha and Annamaya pada kokila Dr. Sobha Raj conducted by AP Cultural affairs and Dalita kala mandali.

19. She performed Annamacharya Keertanalu under Hrudaya Bharathi Cultural Organization on 04-08-2011 at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad.

20. She participated music and dance on 27th Sep, 2011 on the Occasion of Sri. Konda Lakshman Bapuji birthday celebrations.

21. She participated 17th International Children Festival -2011.

22. She Participated in Dussera Sangeetha Nrithosatavam 2011.

23. She Participated in Vinayaka Chauthi Festival 2012.

24. She Participated in Guru Poornima in the month of August, 2011 and 2012.

25. She Participated Mother’s day celebration in the month of August, 2012.

26. She Participated in Sri Krishna Janamasthami Celebration in the month of August, 2012.

27. She participated in Teacher’s Day Celebration September 2012.

28. She Participated at Thyagaraya Gana Sabha for Kala Mithra Puraskaras 2012.

29. She Participated in Telugu Bala Samskruthika Dinosthavam in the month of June 2012.

30. She Participated in Lalitha Kala Cultural Association August 2012.

31. She Participated in Vanitha TV Channel for Mothers Day Celebrations an invocatory song Sung by her in the year 2012.

32. She has interviewed by Jagruthi News channel as a child artist.

33. She sung in CD on Patriotisms released by SS Music Academy 2012.

34. She has composed and sung on famous film lyricist Dr Vaddepalli Krishna

Chirugajjalu Chirru Gajjallu a book on children songs at Ravindra Bharati October 2012.

35. She has participated and sung tracks on the occasion of nexus international award USA function at Ravindra Bharathi in the month of October 2012.

36. She Participates in Padutateeyaga songs competition conducted by ETC November 2012.

37. She sung film and Telugu Poet Dr Vadepalli Krishna, Songs on December 2012.

38. She sung film songs on Karoke conducted by Maruthi Nagar Senior Citizens Association December 2012.

39. Performed and Interview and Anchored for Janata News Channel for December 2012.

40. Performed on 14th December 2012 by Lalitha Cultural Association on 2012.

41. Performed on 16th December 2012 by Bala Sachidananda of Balagana Parimalalu 2012.

42. Performed on 14the February 2013 by Bala Sachidanandam .

43.permormed on 27-05-13 on the occassion of ganapathi sachidananda swami birthday celebrations.

44.performed on maha devi temple festival at batasingaram 2012.


1. She has given concert on Annamaya Sankeerthanas on 25th January 2012 by Amateur Professional Singers organisation.

2. Concert on Thyagaraja Kruthis by Bharathiya Kala Samithi, 2011.

3. She has given concert on Thyagaraja kruthis conducted by S.S. Music Academy, Hyderabad on January, 2012.

4. She performed vocal concert on 18th Sep 2011, at Tyagaraya Gana Sabha.conducted by Surya Chandra Arts Academy.

5. She has given concert under Prathibha Pradarshini performance for the occasion of Sri Krishna Astami Celebration on June 2012.

6. She has given concert on the occasion of Saran Navaratri festival in the month of October 22nd 2012

7 She has given concert on Devi Keerthanas on the occasion of Sharan Navaratrostsavam 2012 at Sri Kanakadurga Sri Nagalakshmi Temple, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad.

8. She has given concert under Prathibha Pradarshini performance for the occasion of Mathru Vandanam Celebration on October 2012.

9.She has given concert on under Prathibha Pradarshini performance in the month of November 5th 2012.

10. Concert on Annamaya Conducted by Manasa Art Theatres on December 2012.

11. Concert on Thagaro conducted by vignama samithi 2013.

12. Concert on Tyagaro conducted by S.S.Music and Pallavi Music academy 2013.

13.concert on annamayya songs conducted by kala nilayam.

Tv shows

1.tv1,tv9,tirumalanu kapadudam program 2011

2.tv1,dance and music program for sankranti celebrations 2012

3.hmtv interview and performence in chinnarilokam programme2012

4.etv2 teluguvelugu programe 2012

5.jagruti news channel interview and performence in 2012

6.janata news channel in 2012 interview and performence

7.etv padutatiyaga sung and selected for 2nd series 2013

8.geminitv bol baby bol performed in 2013

9.doordarshan chiru swarasamaram in 2013

10.An Episode Winner and Title Runner In Chinnari Chinnikrishnudu Programme In Bhakti Channel conducted in 2010, 2011.

11.she participated in vanitha channel on the occassion of mothers day.

12. she is an anchor in khushi tv .

13.gemini tv bol baby bol 2013.

14.etv padutha teeyaga program.

15.svbc geetanjali program 2013.

16.Anchor for international children film festival.

17.RVS channel subramanya vaibhavam 2013.a

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