Personal health test 3

one drink is defined by the National Institute on Alcohol abuse and Alcholism as ___ ounce(s) of alcohol
Alcohol is removed from the live at a rate of ___ ounce per hour
one- half
Alcohol abuse can lead directly to ALL of the following except
lung cancer
you have been successfully treated for alcoholism. Which of the folowing is true?
you will probably always have an urge to drink, however mild.
Setting goals is important to behavior change
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Personal health test 3
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the smoking rate for adults in the US has leveled off at approxamately ___ %
A common symptom of nicotines effect on the brain is
heightened alertness
smoking is estimated to play a role in____ percent of all cancer deaths
nicotine replacement therapy is safer than smoking
the nonsmokers’ rights movement arose as a result of
a growing concern about tabacco’s health hazards
which of the following statements regarding alcohol use in the United States is True?
abiut 1/2 of adults call themselves abstainers
which of the following statements is True about ethnic differences in alcohol use?
socioeconomic and enviormental factors influence ethnic differences in alcohol use
Alcoholism is recognized by the US department of health and human services as the number one health problem for which population
Native americans
college binge drinkers are more liekly to meet the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders criteria for alcohol abuse and dependence 1- years after college
Binge drinking on college campuses is most strongly influenced by
the social enviorment
All of the following factors increase the absorption of alcohol EXCEPT
Which of the following statements about the metabolizing of alcohol is true?
alcohol that is not immediately metabolized circulates throught the body
Death can result from alcohol intoxication beginning at a blood alcohol content level of about
Travis passed out on the floor after a drinking contest and now you can’t wake him. the best thing you can do for him is
call 911
a 150 pound lean person will have a lower blood alcohol contents than a 150 pound fat person who drinks the same amount of alcohol
which of the following is true of alcohol induced cirrhosis?
it usually takes about 10 years of steady heavy drinking for cirrhosis to develop
All of the following statements are TRUE about the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, EXCEPT
the type of alcoholic beverage is more important than the pattern of drinking
alcohol is associated with a number of cancers particularly cancers of the head, neck, digestive tract, and breast
alcohol is more likely than any other drug to be associated with violence
alcohol drinking has been shown to be a factor in about 1/3 of suicides
most mental health experts agree that controlled drinking is the most effective approach for recovery from alcoholism
which of the following statements is true regarding relapse prevention form alcoholism
the challenge of relapse may be caused by alcohol- induced changes in the brain
A practice that has substantially increased compliance with drunk driving laws is
sobriety checkpoints
taxation of alcoholic beverages reduces consumption by underage and moderate drinkers
people who have been heavy drinkers for a prolonged time may experience delirium tremors as a result of withdrawal from alcohol
which of the follwoing is NOT one of the questions physicians might ask when trying to identify individuals at risk for alcohol problems
have you ever been arrogant about your drinking tolerance
if you answer yes to one or more of the CAGE questionnaire, you may be at risk for alcohol dependence
the first step in changing your behavior around alcohol is to set specific goals
which of the following is the best way to break a pattern of excessive alcohol use
set goals for change
behavior change plans do not include what you will do when you are tempted to have a drink
which of the following statements about tobacco is true?
tobacco smoke contains dozens of cancer-causing substances
of the carcinogenic substances in tobacco smoke, which is the most damaging to the lungs?
which of the following is true about nicotine?
in the brain, it stimulates the release of adrenaline and endorphins
every day and additional 4,000 teenagers under age 18 light up their first cigarette
Today, more females than males( over age of eigteen) smoke.
Key reinforces of nicotine addiction to cigarettes include all of the following, Except
Lack of appetite
Which of the following statements about the short term effects of smoking on the body is true?
nicotine can cause constriction of blood vessels.
individuals who stop smoking typically lose between 7 and 10 pounds until they adjust to not having nicotine in their system
every day the tobacco industry loses 4,600 smokers, either to quitting or death
chronic obstruction pulmonary disease COPD, includes all of the following conditions, EXCEPT
which of the following statements is true about smoking cessation
the risk of smoking-related heart attack can fall by half within a year
The decline in one’s senses of smell ans taste that result from smoking tobacco will gradually return when one stops smokeing
smoking reduces the effectiveness of some medications, particularly anti-anxiety drugs and penicillin
Individuals who quit smoking before age 50 cut their risk from dying within the next 15 years in half
the average number of attempts required for successful smoking cessation is
the ultimate goal of nicotine replacement therapy is to
gradually wean the smoker off nicotine dependence
dieting is not recommended while trying to quit smoking
Using nicotine replacement therapy decreases ones chances of success in quitting
the smoking cessation drugs chantix and zyban are classified as nicotine replacement therapies
the tobacco industry’s 1998 master settlement agreement with the states resulted in
advertising restrictions and payments to the states for tobacco education
why are lower-tar, lower-nicotine “light” cigarettes considered as dangerous as regular cigarettes?
smokers will smoke more light cigarettes to get the same results they got from regular cigarettes
states determined that they have no grounds to sue tobacco companies
lower- tar cigarettes are safer than regualr cigarettes
consumption of cigarettes decreases as they become more expensive through taxation and other such measures
which population group tends to drink little or abstain from alcohol because of a biological reaction to alcohol
asian americans
you drank far too much last night and as a result this morning you feel like you have a bad cause of the flu. the best way to cope with your hangover is to
take a painkiller and rest until you feel better
alcohol use is a factor in about ____ of suicides in the united states
your friend was arrested fro drinken driving;polic said they had smelled alcohol on his breath. How is this possible
the body excretes some alcohol directly into exhaled air
which of the following is the first reccomended step in creating a behavior change plan for alcohol use?
record your current drinking patterns
which of the following is true of cigar smoking ?c
cigars contain more nicotine than cigarettes
what is the typical number of pounds gained when a person stops smoking?
7-10 pounds
approximately ___ percent of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking
nearly four of every five smokers want to quit smoking
which of the following is a common harm reduction approach to tobacco use?
increasing taxes on the sale of tobacco products
about 75 percent of people aged 12 or older have used an illicit drug during their lifetime
a drug is any substance, natural or artificial, other than food, intended to affect the structure or function of the body through its chemical action.
drugs are called pharmaceutical drugs when they are developed ____
for medical use
if a person’s biochemical state is already altered by another drug, the effect of a drug can be changed
which type of drug has effects similar to the response evoked during teh fight-or flight reaction?
which of the following is a demand reducation strategy in the war on drugs?
people who abuse heroin are at higher risk for all of the following health conditions Except:
colon cancer
Ativan is an anti-anxiety drug
which of the following routes of drug administration is the fastest way for a drug to reach the brain?
through the nose
druge abuse rates are highest among
african americans
what is the most commonly used illicit drug among persons 12 and older
the highest rates of illicit drig use occur among adults ages _______
the most common form of drug use among teens ages 12-13 is
nonmedical use of prescription drugs
drug abuse rates are highest among_____ and lowest among ______
blacks, asians
which of the following drugs has seen a dramatic increase in abuse by college students?
which of the following, by definition is (are) a drug (s)
nicotine, aspririn, caffeine
which of the following is a term used to refer to a substance that causes changes in brain chemistry and alters consciousness, perception, mood, and though?
psychoactive drug
when choosing an over-the- counter medication, it is best to choose a medication with a single ingredient targeted at your symptoms rather than a combination of ingreduents
if an over the counter medication, it is best to choose a medication with has an expiration date, it refers to how long the drug will be active in an unopened package/ once the package has been opened, the drug will probably be good for about one year.
the federal government, at this time, does not regulate the use of herbal substances
compared to other routes of administration ______ is te most complacted way for a drug to enter the blood stream
oral consumption
which of the following statements about the effects of drugs on the brain is false?
parts of the brain involved in rational thought are not affected
paco has come to depend on heroin to be able to function normally. A few weeks ago he attempted to cut himself off, but he experienced severe diarrhea. Paco’s case illustrates which of the following concepts/.
withdrawl syndrome
one indicator of physiological dependence is the development of
neurosceientist have found that many addicative drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana, opiates, alcohol, and nicotine, affect a pleasure and reward circuit lying deep inside the brain
which of the following statements is true about cocaine
cocaines effects appear almost immediately after a single dose and disappear within a few minutes or hours
which of the following statements is true about cocaine?
cocaines effects appear almost immediately after a single dose and disappear within a few minutes or hours
which of the following is a possible long term effect of marijuana
chronic bronchitis
LSD does not produce compulsive drug seeking behaviors, and physiological withdrawal symptoms do not occur when use is stopped.
users can develop a tolerance to stimulants and experience serious withdrawl effects without becoming physically dependent on them
which of the folllowing is not considered a harm reduction strategy
the most effective approaches to drug abuse prevention on college campuses include all of the following strategies, except
engaging the media
more than half of the people in jail have been incarcerated fir drug offenses
while most of the funding has been for supply reducation efforts most of the data suggest that treatment is a more cost effective approach for reducing drug use
harm reduction strategies are based on the same set of assumptions as supply and demand reduction stratagies in the war on drugs
drug abuse rates are lower among college graduates than among those with a high school deploma
sheena is engaging in drug misuse when she
ingest her little brother ritalin
psychoactive drugs are substances that are used only for recreational purposes
most drugs are taken
the route of admiistration may have a profound effect on the speed and efficiency with which a drug acts
probably the most popular psychoactive drugs is
amphetamines fall under which category of drugs
the majority of federal funds directed toward fighting the war on drugs is spent on
domestic law enforecment
most experts agree that drug treatment should be a one-time, short term process without relapses
dependence on barbiturates and hypnotics is common among middle-aged and older adults who use these sedatives as sleep aids
friendship increase your sense of belonging, purpose and
which of the following terms means speaking up for yourselves without violating the rights of others?
according to tannen men are more likely than women to use communication to
In the united states who specifies the rights and responsibilities of the partners in marriage
state government
Androgynous individuals display characteristics or perform tasks traditionally associated with the other sex.
All of the following are parts of a woman’s external genitalia, EXCEPT the
Which hormone is principally responsible for the sex drive in women?
What is the sequential order of Masters and Johnson’s stages of sexual response model?
excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution
In the United States, what is the average age at which women experience menopause
Sexing—sending nude, sexually explicit messages or photos electronically by cell phone—is a generally safe expression of sexuality.
Which of the following is a strong predictor of a happy marriage?
Which of the following makes it more likely that two people will develop a romantic relationship?
Which of the following is NOT one of the dimensions in Sternberg’s Love Triangle?
Love with intimacy, passion, and commitment is known as companionate love.
Marriage is the most popular form of living arrangement among Americans.
The excitement one feels when sexually aroused—such as increased heart rate and vasocongestion—is caused mainly by
hormone/neurotransmitter actions
Which of the following statements is TRUE about erectile dysfunction?
it can have either physical or psychological causes
Which of the following statements about condom use is TRUE?
Plastic condoms are thinner, stronger, and less constricting than latex condoms.
Androgens are female sex hormones secreted by the ovaries.
Estrogen replacement therapy increases the risk of breast cancer.
n Sternberg’s Love Triangle, the emotional component of love is called
The meaning behind the message, conveyed by nonverbal behavior and situational factors, is called the
Behaviors and characteristics considered appropriate for a male or female in a particular culture is called one’s
Which of the following statements about cohabitation is TRUE?
Some controversial studies have shown that cohabitation decreases the likelihood of success in marriage.
The percentage of Americans who marry and live together as married couples has continuously declined over the years.
Circumcision involves removing the _________________ and leaving the head of the penis permanently exposed.
Upon sexual stimulation, nipple and clitoral erection occur in response to
Women’s eggs are produced in and released from the
What is the medical term used for changes in virility or sexual desire in middle-aged men?
All of the following are known to cause erectile dysfunction in men, EXCEPT
excessive testosterone levels
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