The Day I Will Never Forgets Narrative Essay

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The author recalls a day in junior high school in the Philippines where they were planning to go swimming with their friends on Saturday. However, their plans were interrupted by a Preparatory Military Training (PMT) class that was scheduled for that day. Disappointed, the group decided to go swimming on the following Thursday instead, despite having classes. On the day of their plan, the author was nervous because their bag was packed, but they met up with their friends outside the school.

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The unforgettable day occurred on October 23, 2001, during my time in junior high school in the Philippines. Despite my disbelief at my actions, I realized that I would never repeat them after this incident. As a dedicated student, I consistently fulfilled my duties, such as completing homework, projects, and actively engaging in all activities.

I am lucky to have dependable and trustworthy friends whom I love hanging out with, whether it’s playing, discussing ideas, or sharing experiences. Our school days are always enjoyable. However, on a specific occasion, my friends and I decided to go swimming on Saturday. We were all very excited about this idea. Unfortunately, while we were talking about it in the classroom, our teacher suddenly interrupted us and told us that the seniors and juniors had to attend a Preparatory Military Training (PMT) class on Saturday.

The training session was despised by us because of its difficulty and the unbearable heat that made it impossible to march for three hours. Normally, we have Physical Military Training (PMT) every Friday, but since our officer wouldn’t be present, it was moved to Saturday. Sadly, this meant my friends and I couldn’t go swimming on Saturday and our disappointment was evident. One of my friends proposed rescheduling for the next Thursday. At first, I told her it wouldn’t work due to our classes, but when I realized that the following day was United Nations day with few obligations, I agreed.

Deciding to join everyone on Thursday, I joined them as they prepared for the program scheduled for the next day. Usually, my dad would drop me off at school that day, making me the first one to enter with a completely full bag that made me incredibly nervous. My friends were waiting for me outside the school.

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