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Personal statement: Communication

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Liam Bluck
Personal statement

In today’s society, communication is everywhere , but for me the best and most influential form of communication is visual. Images are a huge part of todays world and in my eyes has the greatest potential to document the factual or express the imaginary. They can stimulate thought and challenge opinions. In a world where we are becoming increasingly disconnected from ourselves and each other I strongly believe that images help to reconnect us all. No other form of communication is as powerful, nor can speak to so many people across the world as the universal language of photography.

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Personal statement: Communication
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It fascinates me how a simple click of a camera can capture a moment that will remain in the memory forever.

I am relatively new to photography, really only expressing a genuine interest in the last twelve months or so, and my passion for it has grown and continues to grow, using books, magazines, videos and various other sources I have educated myself in how to compose photographs , Taking photos of my children where ever it may be, in the house, on a family day out, family weddings trying to better my skills and create images pleasing not just to my eyes but others aswell, finally taking the step to enroll on an access to higher education course to follow my chosen career path.

Documentary photography caught my eye, viewing images from the likes of don mc’cullin from various conflicts around the globe and seeing firsthand of the hardships, the terror and also the romance of war. Another subject was the likes of portraiture and wedding photography.

Making a man and wife’s special day bring a smile, a tear and laughter for years to come as an ever lasting memory. Although I don’t really have any actual work experience I take my camera wherever I go, family days out, weddings, birthdays religious holidays and most of all for fun with my children, who are more than happy to pose at a seconds notice. Working with backdrops and lights, ever striving to perfect different techniques. By doing a degree in photography I feel that not only will my dreams of becoming a photographer come true but the skills I have already gained through photography will become larger and I will succeed in all my hard work. I hope to then pursue my career as a photographer in whatever path I choose to go down understanding the skills necessary for the career I want are both creatively and academically challenging, but due to my thriving ambition, social ability, and an overall love of this subject, is definatley something I could excel at, given the opportunity.

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