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Steve Jobs Character Traits

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    Also looked into was how basic knowledge and understanding of personality traits can be of help at the workplace in grooming better co-workers, managers and employees. Step 1 Personality type Introvert (22) Introvert can be defined as to direct or to turn inwards. In relation to my personality type, I am rather more engaged inside my mind than deal with the world outside of myself. In other words, I am reserved and very strategic in my approach to situations, tackling them objectively and rationally. Also, am well organized to the point where think through things I want to do or communicate in my head before I UT them into action.

    I am well aware of how I feel towards a situation and I do not let the situation influence how I feel about it and my response or decision towards it. Even though being an introvert at the workplace has its challenges because I tend to be looked upon as a perfectionist or unfriendly thereby making me not the best person for friendships at the workplace, I have found out that my colleagues lobby to partner with me on assignments because I enjoy working on assignments alone thereby making them free and also have the assurance that I will get the job done.

    At my workplace, am always the guy people run to for help when faced with a seemingly difficult assignment that they could have solved by being attentive, understandable and thinking creatively about the solution.. Sensing (1) When faced with any situation, rather than rely on my instincts, I rather trust my sensory organs to take in the atmosphere and information. This is to say that I am not intuitive Relying on my my sense in information gathering makes me pay attention to details as such am observant, engaging my eyes. Prefer to always follow a laid out plan in almost everything I do.

    I also have to be pre- informed of events that I will play a role in like events that require me to give a speech or make a presentation in order for me to prepare myself very well. Often times, I even memorize my speech before giving it. Basically, would rather not blindly enter situations without a pre-laid out plan. Also, as much as I rely on my senses, the lungs test points out that its degree is only one percent (1), this could be that I use my sensing in accessing and gathering information but I am not ruled by my senses or emotions.

    This has turned out to be a good quality at my workplace because my supervisors have grown inference in me to tackle some issues perfectly, without neglecting important details. While it pays off often at the workplace, the disadvantage is that I gradually get stock with the old ways of doing things without really embracing new things and exploring other opportunities that may end up being better both in results and in functionality. Thinking (12). Rust reason and logic in my decision making as I tend to be realistic and objective in my reasoning rather than to be clouded by mere feelings regarding a situation. According to the Jung typology test, A thinker makes decisions in a rational, social, impartial manner, based on what they believe to be fair and correct by pre-defined rules of behavior. I don’t easily get influenced because like to be impersonal thereby not letting other peoples wishes or mine influence me or make me deviate in my judgments.

    I place high value on logic and notice inconsistencies. I was conducting a recruitment interview for my company and my cousin was part of the people to be interviewed by me, when I noticed this, I immediately told my superior to drop me from conducting the interview on the basis that might be biased in my judgment but he refused ND told me that he trusts me enough to know that I will make the right decision. I went ahead with that interview telling the applicants that selection would be based On performance and qualification.

    TO the surprise Of some Of my colleagues, I did not pick my Cousin for the job because he was not qualified. A lot of people applauded my sincerity while some also had the impression that I was holier than thou. In a country like Nigeria where corruption thrives with impunity, this behavior is not usually applauded by people Judging (67). Basically, like things to be neat and have actions carried out in an orderly manner. Also, I prefer to follow established rules and schedules. Would rather have things concluded and settled than have then inconclusive. Aspect deadlines and like to beat them than do things at the last minute. It can be said that procrastination is not my thing. Often times have a hard time bonding or accepting people who have opposite personality from me however, when I do, find that we are actually compatible . This behavior has helped me very well at my workplace because always want to get the accounts balanced every Friday before leaving for the weekend while some of my colleagues procrastinate and end up not even being ready to resent their books on Monday.

    The SITS- a duty fulfiller. Personally, am an introvert living in my own world and I use my sensory organs to interpret situations as well as gather information in a literal and concise fashion. Am straight to the point and deal with things logically in a rational manner. As a duty fulfiller, I set goals and work consistently to achieve them, I am well organized and a hard worker.

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    How would you describe Steve Jobs?
    Steve Jobs was proactive and thrived on setting goals and working hard. He was determined, ambitious, self-motivated, energetic and enterprising, spearheading companies like Apple, NEXT & Pixar.
    What are five positive characteristics that Steve Jobs possesses that make him successful?
    Steve Jobs was proactive and thrived on setting goals and working hard. He was determined, ambitious, self-motivated, energetic and enterprising, spearheading companies like Apple, NEXT & Pixar.
    What character traits did Steve Jobs have?
    Steve Jobs was proactive and thrived on setting goals and working hard. He was determined, ambitious, self-motivated, energetic and enterprising, spearheading companies like Apple, NEXT & Pixar.
    What characteristics skills did Steve Job have that made him successful?
    Some of his personal traits that enabled him to achieve success in his career were focus, passion and his exceptional imagination. Besides, his communication skills were amazing because he could entertain, inform and inspire his audience at the same time.

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