Personality Types

This world is a unique place - Personality Types introduction. The people who live in this world also have unique characteristics. Every single person is different from physical appearances to personalities. Even identical twins who have identical physical appearances may not have the same personality types. Psychologists have used a variety of personality tests to identify a person’s personality type. Frank Farley, the president of the American Psychological Association, coined his own terms for how different types of people engage the world. There are two types of people: Type-T and Type-t.

Type-T personalities are willing to take risks, challenges, and changes. Type-t personalities are not willing to take risks, dislike the unfamiliar, and like the predictable. The society needs different personality types in order to function properly. Not everybody has the potential to be a Type-T person. However, Type-T people are needed in our society. There need to be people who are willing to take the risks and challenges in order for the economy to grow, new technologies to be invented, and new measures for government to enact in order to make changes.

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More Essay Examples on Police Rubric

For example, one needs to be very brave to be a police officer. If nobody in a society is willing to take the risk of being in danger or getting killed, then there would not be any police officers to enforce the laws, catch criminals, or protect the citizens. A society without any police is hard to imagine. First of all, crime rates may increase due to no police are enforcing the law, or identifying what is right and wrong. Second, people would be speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, and parking wherever they want due to the fact that there is no authority to tell them if that was a violation.

Therefore, police officers are needed in order for the society to run properly and smoothly. Without the Type-T people who are willing to take the job of police officer to enforce the law, our society would be a mess. On the other hand, Type-t people are someone who clings to certainty, predictability, and avoids risks and the unfamiliar. Such people are usually neither criminal nor creative; they are gray compared to the bold red of the Type-T personality. For instance, librarian, the name of librarian sounds dull to everyone.

People would not regard librarian as an interesting occupation. However, a librarian is a very typical type-t person. They are very organized, if not, the library wouldn’t be such an organized and neat place so that people can locate and access to the resources in an efficient way. They are also very protective. Protecting the books is one of their many duties of being a librarian. Unlike the type-T people who do not plan ahead of what to do next, librarians are very on schedule. They want to have everything on schedule and do things in a safe way rather than an uncertain way.

Therefore, type-t people are the nurturer of our society. They organize and plan things ahead for their clients. Without them, everything would not run as smoothly and orderly. Although Type-T people are necessary for the society to grow and change, Type-t people are also important for a society’s well-being. While the Type-T people are engaged in risks and challenges, there need to be people who think logically and take matters safely to tell the Type-T people not to go overboard. Not everyone serving the government needs to be a Type-T person.

Likewise, there are some police officers who have Type-t personality. While the Type-T police are very brave and take their chances, the Type-t police have to control those Type-T police to think logically, not to be so impulsive, and come up with a plan to rescue people or to catch criminals. They work together as a team. As a result, having both Type-T and Type-t personality types are necessary for society to run properly. In any type of situations, the combination of the two types of personality is what makes them accomplish their goal

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