Persuasive assignment high school Essay

This report is going to be about team building, team performance and team cohesion. I will also include some examples of team work that I have been involved in over the last couple of weeks and how we worked. Team Building: Team building is when employees are seen working together rather than individually. Team building can be used in many different environments, for example, Businesses, schools and charities. Team selection involves identifying potential team members with a specific contribution to make a team.

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For example, in one of the activities that I participated in, we had to build a tower with only 9 straws, 4 pieces of AH paper and 4 paper plates. It had to be over Ft tall and was allowed no support. My team consisted of Miles whose role was team leader and he fell under Bellini’s role summary of a coordinator, Channel who fell under Bellini’s role of specialist, Patrick who fell under Bellini’s role of Team worker, Poly who was a Plant and me who was an Implementer.

Team selection will be concerned with identifying a range of personality traits, such as being able to listen or encourage others.

The team leader will need to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Beeline, as mentioned above, identified ways in which people behave and has categorized their behaves into specific roles needed to make a good team. Such roles were: Plant – Creative and free-thinking Team worker – Caring, person orientated and improves communication between team members. Coordinator – Ensures all resources are used effectively Specialist – Self-minded and dedicated Implementer – Reliable and turns ideas into actions Staff development is an important role for team leaders.

Planned staff placement is the process of identifying development opportunities that meet the needs of individuals with your team- new skills which can help them with work. Bruce TCPMAN studied the development of teams and it is helpful in showing how groups can be developed into real teams without given the right sort of support. He unidentified four stages: Forming – A number of individuals come together. They are a loose collection with no sense of purpose. Storming – The group begin to exchange ideas, but there is little structure to the group and no clear plans to take the group forward.

Morning – The group begin to share ideas- a team begins to form. A leadership pattern may begin to emerge, and the group start to conform for a given set of ideas. Decisions begin to be formulated. Performing- The group transforms into a high- performance team. A clear organizational pattern is formed, based on mutual respect, the sharing of ideas, drawing out of plans and proposals from all members of the team. Every member of the team is therefore able to make the best possible contribution to the group process. Team Performance: Business organizations place a strong emphasis n performance.

There are four main ways of measuring team performance: Individual’s contribution to the team – This can be measured by how the individual works with other team members. Individual results from teamwork – The work that is carried out by a team member that contributes towards the final team product could be assessed. Team performance – This could involve looking at how well the team work together, the effectiveness of the team meetings and the ability of the team to achieve agreement. Team results – The team performance could be measured in terms of its work results.

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