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persuasive letter Essay

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Writing used to be a difficult task for me; however, since attending your class, I have started to appreciate the art of writing.

You have helped me tremendously improve my writing techniques. For example, you have taught me to be clear, complete, correct, concise and most importantly to use the “you attitude” when writing business correspondence. Mr. Jackson it gives me great pleasure to hear your informative speech on the history of the English language, because I too share the same enthusiasm for the history of the English language.

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I also enjoy your recital of William Shakespeare’s English play write, for it is truly superb. By giving your students the opportunity to revise and rewrite their papers is important, because it gives them a chance to review their mistake and make the necessary corrections. However, you might want to increase your students approved rewritten papers to at least one full letter grade instead of a half a letter grade. Increasing to one full letter grade would benefit your students; by giving them motivation to do rewrites, and to be more enthusiastic to learn.

You will also benefit by having happier students, who are willing to learn, and who have less after class complaints about their grades. In closing, I would like to thank you for being such a delightful teacher; it is truly refreshing to have a teacher who is helpful, and who always has a smile on his face.

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