Persuasive Speech - Part 3 - Pregnancy Essay Example

Abortion Persuasive Speech It is not a mother’s right to choose but a child’s right to life - Persuasive Speech introduction. At three months the child inside of you is alive and living with a heartbeat. Why should it be okay to kill that innocent child? Should it be okay of us to kill others? Pope John Paul the II once stated that a nation that kills its own young is a nation without hope. Abortion is wrong. It is an inhumane use of birth control and it should be illegal in all states. An abortion is a very dangerous procedure that can cause the death of a woman.

Abortion can cause infection, bleeding, vomiting, fever, burns and the most serious your life. In the book Pregnancy Private Decisions Public Debates a young girl’s heart-wrenching story is told. A teenager did not want to hurt her parents with her sudden and unplanned pregnancy, and got an illegal abortion and later died from infection. This is one of many cases that could have been prevented. Other women try to terminate their pregnancy through overdosing on pills, hitting their stomachs or throwing themselves down a flight of stairs.


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Often just hurting themselves. Along with physical difficulties abortion also causes depression and mental illness. About 5% – 30% of women feel regret, anxiety, guilt and minor depression. These women must consult with professional therapist to help them cope with their stress. 28% of women have attempted to commit suicide. Many women are so shocked with their unplanned pregnancies that they are often persuaded by others to terminate the pregnancy. This is an irrational decision that causes unhappiness.

Many women say that if they would have had the choice to do it over they would keep the child. ADVICE: Abortion is an unsafe decision that rids the life of a living child. I hope that I have shown you through the history of abortion, and its physical and psychological effects that abortion is wrong and will never be the right thing to do. A mother with an unplanned pregnancy can carry a baby to term and adoption is always there as an option. Abortion stops a beating heart. It’s not an option; it’s a baby.

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