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Pg Skii Essay

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The history of SK-II goes back over 30 years ago when a scientist in Japan noticed the very soft and youthful hands of women working in a Japanese sake brewery. After years of research the scientists were able to isolate the natural, nutrient-rich liquid which they called Pitera. [1] In 1980, the Japanese branch of Max Factor acquired rights to the ingredient, and launched the first cosmetic product containing the ingredient: Max Factor Secret Key with Pitera.

Although only modestly successful, its customer base was very loyal, so Max Factor expanded the range, renaming it Max Factor SK-II.

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[2] Max Factor would flip through five different owners, each of whom ignored the SK-II product, until 1995, when current owner Procter and Gamble executive and brand manager A. G. Lafley was sent to Japan to overhaul P&G’s declining business in Asia. Lafley made several changes to the company, including several at Max Factor: Lafley discovered Japanese women disliked the brand, so he focused instead on the SK-II cream instead.

Within five years, it would become Japan’s top prestige cosmetics brand, outselling Shiseido. [3] SK-II has since expanded into several markets, however, products sold outside of Asia do not bear the Max Factor name; the brand is simply called “SK-II”. In Japan, and most of Asia, SK-II is a sub-brand of Max Factor, and still bear its name. SK-II discontinued the famous Airtouch Foundation system in the UK in January 2010 without informing customers that all refills had sold out while continuing to sell the Airtouch applicators at the full retail price of ? 0 via their only official retail outlet Harrods, leaving the companies open to possible legal action. [4] Admission to the cancellation of the product is only admitted if a customer asks Harrods. When approached P&G confirmed the removal of the Airtouch was due to disappointing sales and marketing issues. [5] The remaining SK-II range continues as normal including the compact foundation. [edit] Toxic Ingredients In September 2006, the People’s Republic of China halted all imports of SK-II products, after a consumer found traces of neodymium and chromium.

Both are banned in cosmetics, and can cause allergic dermatitis and eczema. P;G withdrew several of the affected products, however there was much confusion on P;G’s initial status on the subject. One employee was quoted as stating: “We believe only a small batch of products suffered the problem”, however, P&G’s official press release defended the amount of the heavy metals found in the products as being “safe” and “insignificant to human health”.

Nonetheless, P;G withdrew several affected products, but continued selling the rest of the line, requiring consumers to sign a “safe product” agreement, in which they recognize that the SK-II products they bought are safe and release P;G of liability. [6] However, by the end of that week, P;G had suspended sale of the brand altogether, shutting down its stores and pulling all products (including refund centers for affected items) from counters.

By December of the same year, the brand was back in stores, and in a joint statement between the Ministry of Health and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China agreed with P;G company officials that the product line posed no danger to human health. [7] [edit] Markets sold SK-II is sold in the following markets: * Japan * South Korea * People’s Republic of China * Hong Kong * Colombia * Taiwan * United States * Brazil * Canada * United Kingdom * Spain * Singapore * Malaysia * Australia * Indonesia * Thailand * Mexico

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