Phi Theta Kappa and Kappa Honor Society Essay

My name Lisa George and I was born in September, 1985, in Ethiopia - Phi Theta Kappa and Kappa Honor Society Essay introduction. Our family made up of my father ,mother , brother and two sisters , emigrated to the United States of America ,when I was fourteen years old . My first year in the united states of America was my worst experience in my life ,which I remember ,kids at school laughed at my poor understanding of English . now, I am trilingual ,speaking fluent English ,Spanish and Amharic. When I was in high school, my mother was ill in hospital for five month with brain cancer, and that experience changed my whole life.

At the time my mother was sick, I was the only one who was taking care of my mother because my families was divorced a year before my mother got sick . And I discovered I was a medical person with an interest in caring people . from that point on, I became interested in health profession and I decided to study nursing. Now I am a second year student in el-Centro College, in nursing and part time work in the Embassy Suit hotel, at the customer service.

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Phi Theta Kappa and Kappa Honor Society
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Currently I am enrolled in el-Centro College. I have had no problems with my course so far, and am working hard to keep my GPA high as much as possible. I am also a member of phi theta kappa honor society club. I have also attended a number of different seminars and workshops offered on the cub, and being a member in the phi theta kappa club help me to meet numbers of skilled people. It also helps me to learn the other perspective of life from my friends and to develop my linguistic.

I am planning to get an AS degree at el –Centro college and am also planning to transfer to UT Arlington to get a Bachelor’s degree in nursing . I am interested in going in to physician assistance after i had my Bachelor’s degree in nursing . Beside working hard towards the achievement of my educational goal and maintaining a good GPA , I also want to keep up my interest that is playing piano and marshal art . since I was fourteen year old , I started playing piano and marshal art . now ,playing piano seems one system of my body.

I am working hard to keep my GPA high, and to get a scholarship . Getting a scholarship as a reward to my academic achievement and continuing efforts for getting a good education will not only help me financially, but also increase my confidence and encourage me to work hard in future. It also help me to work hard to stay in my favorite club, which is the phi theta kappa honor society . Because students who have more than 3. 5 GPA allowed to be the member of the club, I have to keep my GPA higher than 3. to be part of the club, and it’s the only hope I had to get my scholarship. Even though I have been through different life experience ,specially , the time that my mother was sick, it help me to discover who I am ,what do I want and what do I need to do in future to become a better person . I believe that ,now ,i am doing the right thing in my age ,and I also see a good future in front of me . in addition to that ,my family played a big role for me founding who I am ,and I would like to thank my families ,specially my Dad.

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