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Robert Frost is known as one of New Hampshire’s most famous poets and icons - Philippine Literature during Spanish Period introduction. His home in Derry, NH sits on a 13 acre property and is made up of several buildings in addition to the area he lived in. The property includes farm buildings, a small brook and some low hills on each side of the land. The home which is thought to have been built around 1880 includes a 1 and ½ story main section and an additional rear wing. The interior of Frost’s home was very simple and provided him and his family what they needed to live comfortably. In 1911, the farm was sold in order to pay for Frost’s family’s move to England and his eventual recognition as a poet. When Robert passed in 1963 and his legendary career as a writer, poet and educator was over, the State of New Hampshire and his family felt it was right to acquire the property in honor of Robert. In 1965, the state was successful in purchasing the property and began planning the restoration of the Robert Frost Farm.

The previous owner, Edward Lee had altered the property in order to carry out his car parts business but thankfully did keep much of the original structures in place but hadn’t kept up with them. With the help of Leslie Frost Ballentine, Roberts daughter, the project was completed in 1975.The Robert Frost Homestead is located at 122 Rockingham Road just off NH Route 28. The farm is a great place to visit to honor one of New Hampshire’s greatest poets. photo courtesy of Adam Riggall


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