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Presidential system is also called a congressional system - Philippine Presidential Form of Government introduction. It is a system of government where the executive branch presides supports from the legislative. There are various characteristics of a presidential system of government. One of them is that the president is both the head of state and the government and has a fixed term of office. The presidential system refers to the chief executive of a government, which has no prime minister. The presidential form of government concerns the elections process.

In a presidential government, the president and members of Congress are chosen in separate elections while in a parliamentary process, one size fits all, so to speak. Indirectly, this signifies a weak position for the chief executive in a presidential system of government. The president is unable to dissolve government and order a new election. The president is elected directly by the people, which means that he has more credibility than a leader who is elected indirectly.


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The system is considered to be more transparent because the presidential system and the legislature monitor each other’s actions and there are lesser chances of abuse of power. Decision making is speeded up and increases the efficiency of the system. The presidential system is more stable as the president can not be removed like any other government head and there are more chances that he will complete his term. The Philippines has a government very much like that of the US- but the President essentially holds much more power.

The President is head of state, head of government, commander in chief, and presides over a cabinet. The Philippines also has a legislative and judicial branch of government. One thing to note is that the President of the Philippines is directly elected by the population (by popular vote) whereas the President of the United States is elected indirectly through the electoral college. This Presidential form is often described as UNITARY.

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