Phillip Wheatly - Part 2 - Linguistics Essay Example

What are the elements of a national literature? - Phillip Wheatly introduction?? – the expression of a nations mind in writing What are the characteristics of early American literature? – Who were America’s earliest writers and what were their concerns? – Thomas Paine, Phillis wheatley, brad street What can you learn from primary sources about early life in the colonies? – What are the elements of persuasive writing? – What arguments for or against the use of Native American mascots exist? What does the poetry of colonial America show us about the period?

– How does the structure of a poem affect its meaning? depending on how something is read or written it can be sent across in a different manner What do Puritan sermons reveal about the pressure of colonial life? – it was hard What were some primary tenets of Puritan beliefs? They wanted complete speration from all religion. What genres does American literature include? What historical insights can an autobiography impart? – How can the written word lead to revolution? – persuasive writing and aggressive writing can lead to argument which can lead to war What elements make persuasive writing effective?


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It help change the mind of the reading helping them to see things in a different light How is the Declaration of Independence structured? – it was structured like a poem How much time should I devote to the writing process during a timed test? – just enough time to think about what you’re going to write and how you’re going to write it What strategies can I use to improve my confidence writing under time constraints? – thinking ahead of time about what you’re going to write about and knowing how to word it

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