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Philosophy of Learning

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My philosophy regarding education is based on the belief that an important introduction of education is to provide students with knowledge and skills that they will need to become active, confident students. The success of each student including me, is based on the knowledge and understanding that is taught to everyone of us . An important part of recognizing that success is by providing students with three requirements: a positive learning environment, allowing students to develop their own learning, and an encouragement to respect for others.

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Philosophy of Learning
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Students are successful in an environment where they are comfortable with the text they are learning, and also with the way in which it is delivered. Learners should experience struggles in order for learning to occur. I do believe that teachers have to provide students with this culture of learning, but with also support. An environment where each student’s voice can be heard in an excellent approach encourages students to feel free to express their ideas and ask questions.

It is only through this process where students can become more knowledgeable and how they can have more of a want to study furthermore. Allowing students to develop their own learning is another important requirement of education. Students can only lead when they have been given the opportunity to learn how to lead. The teaching strategies that a teacher should have in a classroom will have a purpose behind what the students are getting as content so that students are actively engaged in the learning process.

I have seen that care about what the students should know for the future if they are close to going to university, the teacher would give them the work that is meant for university so that the students are well prepared. When students respect themselves, it is the beginning of their ability to respect others. As a student I have always found that teachers who help students to feel confident is as important as the content that they are taught.

As a teacher you should be, encouraging, challenging and supporting students to take the steps necessary to become a confident, productive person. The classroom should provide a place for future teachers, fair and consistent rules and regulations, effective use of class time and respect to them as individuals. In return they are learning how to respect themselves, others and how to demonstrate these behaviors in their own classroom. The most important part in education is the teachers who help you gain the knowledge through education.

If you have the three requirments, a positive learning enviroment, giving students the time to some work content on their own and the bases of respecting others; is what a student needs to be successful in gaining knowledge, once they have this then their are set to go through even tougher situations in life. All these three requirment need the encouraging type of teacher to make the students successful in they’re learning category and this is what I think my philosophy of learning is based on.

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