Physical Layer Network Concepts Essay

Bit time – the time it takes for one bit to be ejected from a Network Interface Card at a standard speed. Encoding scheme – used by computers to represent data as characters. Unshielded twisted-pair (HTTP) Copper wiring used in small-to-large networks to connect host devices to hubs and switches. Core – the central part of an optical fiber that provides the transmission region for an optical signal. Cladding – A layer of optical lass surrounding the light-carrying core of an optical fiber.

Radio waves – An electromagnetic wave used for long distance communication.

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Physical Layer Network Concepts
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Wireless WAN A wireless wide area network, is a form of wireless network its a larger version of Wireless LANA. Wireless LANA – A wireless local area network links two or more devices using a wireless connection. Access point – is a device that allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network using Wi-If, or related standards.

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