Physics Lab Exp Essay

Experiment No. Name Objective: Course and Year -To determine and to identify the motion which the metal ball undergoes as it rolls down the acceleration board. II. Materials: Acceleration board, cornstarch, iron stand, clamp with iron bar, brass ball, PVC pipe, meter stick Ill. Procedure: 1 .

Using the clamp with iron bar and the iron stand, we inclined the acceleration board. 2. We place cornstarch on the acceleration board by spreading and mothering it evenly that will serve as a mark in order to measure the pathway of the brass ball.

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Physics Lab Exp
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3. With the use of PVC pipe, we smoothened and thinned the cornstarch on the board. 4. We placed the ball at the groove side of the board and we let the brass ball roll and observed how it moves.

The brass ball roll n cornstarch with a transverse wave mark. 5. We lay the meter stick in the middle pathway of the acceleration board between consecutive crest that starts from the point where the ball will start to move.

6. We measured the points of intersection. 7. We get the distance of A-a, B-c, c-D, D-E. 8. W did the trial twice, as for 2nd trial, we inclined the acceleration board 2 inch higher from the ground. IV. Diagram V.

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