Picasso, Kandinsky and Höch

Picasso, Kandinsky and Höch

            The Still Life with Chair Caning by Pablo Picasso, Composition VII by Wassily Kandinsky and Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada through the Last Weimar Beer Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany by Hannah Höch are examples of modern painting - Picasso, Kandinsky and Höch introduction. Also, these three showcased various renditions of a collage by means of incorporating various elements in one canvass. In Picasso’s work, it was more influenced by synthetic cubism wherein touches of geometric shapes are noticeable but not totally dominant in the whole picture. The striking quality of the painting is the illustration of the combination of different objects that were incorporated in the “chair caning with the paint, framed with a length of rope” (Urton). Meanwhile, Kandinsky showed his artistic perspective through abstraction. It somehow represented a “visual analog of musical harmony and dissonance” (Russell, 1981, p. 14). More so, Höch’s painting is a dada montage wherein different photographs and drawings were juxtaposed to create a specific concept or idea (Marcus, 2009).

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            Moreover, Picasso focused on using ordinary objects and put them in the context of fine arts to prove that there is no clear distinction between “common everyday experience and the rarefied contemplative realm of high art” (Smarthistory). On the other hand, Kandinsky wanted to freely portray common objects in order to convey truths and strong emotions. Also, he “wanted art to be able to go straight into the hearts of people with a power and immediacy like that of music” thus the title Composition VII (Russell, 1981, p. 14). Though, Höch’s work may seem cluttered and disorganized, but she still was able convey her political and cultural views about the society.

            Overall, these 3 paintings showed the capabilities of the artists to go against the prevailing art movements during their respective eras. They distorted a set of objects in an analytical way in order to express their passion for their ideals and artistry.


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