Pile Load Test Method Essay

For the case of pedestrian bridge in Jempol, the Kentledge system is proposed by GeoProfound Engineering Sdn Bhd. The pile shall be tested in three cycles. The first cycle tests the pile to its working load 1XWL, the second cycle tests the pile to two times its working load 2XWL and the third cycle tests the pile to its ultimate load, defined as 2. 5 times the working load, 2. 5xWL. The test is used to validate the pile design. In this case the pile is loaded to 2 times the design working load.

a) The pile head shall be prepared with casing to be above the ground by a minimum length not less than 300mm. ) Assemble the kentledge system as shown in the diagram with properly care when stacking.

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Pile Load Test Method
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Please allow a 10% to 20% margin on the capacity of the reaction against maximum test load. The geometry of the arrangement should also aim to minimise interaction between the test pile, reaction system and reference beam supports.

c) A hydraulic jack and calibrated load cell reacting against a set of steel beams tied to anchor piles is placed. d) Install 4 nos. dial gauges on an independent frame to measure the pile head displacement. ) Movement of the pile head shall be measured using the four (4) nos. dial gauge and checked with a levelling instrument and scale rules fixed to. f) All testing equipment shall be protected from unnecessary disturbance prior to and throughout the load test. g) The loading sequence shall follow the client’s specification including the step and time duration. h) Records shall be kept promptly throughout the testing period. Sample real picture setup of Kentledge System Diagram of Compression Load Test Setup using Kentledge System Dynamic Load Test

For the case of Federal Highway Administration’s National Geotechnical Experimentation Sites in Amherst, Massachusetts, and Opelika, Alabama, the Dynamic Load Test is proposed. a) For dynamic load testing of driven piles, the loading device is the pile driving hammer. b) This test uses a hammer of a couple of tons to drop on the pile. c) The dynamic pile test consists of several impacts by the drop weight, normally with increasing drop heights until enough energy has been applied to momentarily activate the required capacity.

d) They are measured using a high tech instrument such transducers and accelerometers. ) But for this project, PDA (Pile Driving Analyzer) is used to calculate the dynamic compression stresses at the pile top and tension along the shaft. f) For the PDA calculations, the dynamic elastic modulus of the pile material must be known. Its magnitude depends on the size and quality of the concrete aggregate and the concrete strength. g) After the dynamic test, the wave speed in the pile is generally apparent and can be used as a calculation and adjust the pile elastic modulus. h) This test is easy to conduct and requires very few site arrangements. Diagram of Dynamic Load Test Setup Sample real picture setup of Dynamic Load Test

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