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Pine Valley Furniture Case Study Essay

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A. ) Pine Valley Furniture developed its applications in-house. There are several plausible reasons for why the company chose this option. The company may have had unique processing needs that required the system to be built in-house, as opposed to purchasing a prepackaged system. The company may also have viewed its information systems as helping it achieve a competitive advantage.

The company had several options, such as purchasing a system off-the-shelf, implementing an enterprise-wide system, hiring a company to develop and run the software on its own computers, or hiring a consulting company to develop the system.

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Pine Valley Furniture Case Study
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B. ) Enterprise-wide systems allow companies of all sizes to manage their HR, Sales, Production, Distribution and Financial processes better. The main advantage of an enterprise-wide system, like SAP, is its ability to integrate information across the entire organization.

C. ) Information Systems Analyst V: Key member of the system landscape team. Responsibilities include: Works with team to identify the future systems landscape for IS&T.

Performs detailed analysis to identify opportunities to streamline existing landscape and develop future landscape model. Key contributor to development of new data warehouses for the region and determination of how they fit in overall landscape. Excellent communication and business analysis skills are required.

The following skills are desirable: Knowledge of Unix/Oracle, Data warehousing, SAP, Project Management, technical/database background. Normally require BSCS or Information Management plus 8 yrs related exp, or MBA plus 6 yrs experience. Strong analytical, management, technical and interpersonal skills. D. ) Pine Valley Furniture is using transaction processing systems, management information systems, and decision support systems. The examples for the different types of information systems would be: an order processing system, management reporting capabilities, and forecasting.

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