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Pit Bull and Question Papers Material

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Acknowledgements Material from the following publications has been used in question papers in this volume: South China Morning Post ‘An Ocean Apart’ by Suzanne Gendron and Peter Singer (20 March 2010) ‘Teens far too materialistic’ (Letters to the editor) (3 January 2011) ‘Alien kidnap stories too out of the world for some’ by Adrian Wan (3 January 2011) www. torontosun. com ‘Dogs on mend after pit bull attack’ by Brett Clarkson (7 June 2009) http://www. torontosun. com/news/torontoandgta/2009/06/07/9703216-sun. tml ‘Food for thought: A Restaurant Guide to Waste Redution and Recycling’ http://www. calrecycle. ca. gov/publications/BizWaste/44198016. pdf ‘The Call of the Wild’ by Jack London http://www. gutenberg. org/files/215/215-h/215-h. htm ‘China’s army of irregular recyclers face scrapheap’ (16 March 2010) http://www. fromoldbooks. org/Caussin-HolyCourt/index2. html http://www. flickr. com/photos/chaitea/125848146/ ‘MasterChef (UK TV series)’ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/index. html? curid=4319535 http://www. robertgiorgione. om/interviews/masterchef-live-at-the-bbc-good-fo od-show/ http://www. masterchef. com. au/joanne-zalm. htm http://www. oishipizza. com/Eggplant%20Tomatoes%20&%20Shitake. jpg ‘Miso soup “cuts breast cancer risk”’ (18 June 2003) http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/health/2999852. stm http://www. healthypizza-recipes. com/about/ http://images. clipartof. com/thumbnails/435853-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustr ation-Of-A-3d-Blue-Buy-Push-Button. jpg http://www. littleronstars. co. uk/recruitment. htm http://www. clker. com/clipart-4470. tml http://www. clker. com/clipart-3836. html http://graphicsfactory. graphicsfactory. netdna-cdn. com/clip-art/image_files/tn _i mage/8/746438-tn_3332_UFO. gif www. calrecycle. ca. gov www. gutenberg. org Financial Times www. fromoldbooks. org www. flickr. com en. wikipedia. org www. robertgiorgione. com www. masterchef. com. au www. oishipizza. com BBC News online www. healthypizza-recipes. com images. clipartof. com www. littleronstars. co. uk www. clker. com graphicsfactory. graphicsfactory. netdna-cdn. com

The Authority is grateful to publishers/organisations for permission to include in the question papers material from their publications. We apologise for any infringement of copyright in respect of material printed in this volume, for which permission has not been obtained in time or for which the sources could not be traced. Every effort has been made to trace copyright. However, in the event of any inadvertent infringement due to errors or omissions, copyright owners are invited to contact us so that we can come to a suitable arrangement.

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Pit Bull and Question Papers Material
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