Pitfalls to a Powerpoint Presentation Essay

Based on the article by Fontana (2008), Microsoft has introduced a new prototype for PowerPoint called pptPlex. The motivation behind implementing this plug-in which Microsoft calls a “canvas”, is to allow users to put together various elements in a single place, then highlight sections using a zoom feature. Microsoft wants their users to be able to organize their digital belongings in much the same way that they organize their physical belongings. The pptPlex format changes the typical way PowerPoint presentations are built, a series of slides presented one after another.

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Pitfalls to a Powerpoint Presentation
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With the new prototype it allows for a more free moving presentation. The introduction of this new plug-in will not have a huge affect on existing PowerPoint users as of yet because this is still just a prototype. But when the software is introduced the PowerPoint users will need to familiarize themselves with the new features and the new presentations format. The level of support that is required for using the software would also have to be increased because there is a better chance of errors when you are using plug-ins.

Troubleshooting becomes trickier when you add a program that you are not absolutely positive of all its features and components, especially if it is fairly new. Hopefully Microsoft fine tunes the pptPlex prototype so that there isn’t an increased risk on the users that are already faithful users of PowerPoint. Technology is forever changing and improving so I am sure that this is not the last prototype of a plug-in we will be critiquing.

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