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My Five Year Plan

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My Five Year Plan Professonal: Right know as I write this paper I am not in the best point in my life the best part of this though is that I am going to school to further my education. At this point and time I am attending I. O. T in full ride to become a professional medical assistant and get further in my life. In five years I see my self with everything I could ever want let. Me start with my nursing career, I plan to graduate I.

O. T and start working: while still working I plan to go to school to become a registered nurse and make my dream of helping people come true.

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My Five Year Plan
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After I am finished with my schooling for nursing I plan to get a job at a well know hospital like doctors or memorial and work my way up the later to be head nurse(charge nurse). Love: In five years I plan to be married and loving life hopefully with the man of my dreams/love of my life.

I plan to be on my way to having a home and hopefully even kids maybe 2 or 3 who knows I might have a basketball team since I love basketball so much. Spirituality: I will be attending church every Sunday and paying my tides to the lord.

I feel that you can never repay GOD for everything but you can sure as heck pay the house of the lord for him to bless you more(let your blessings rain from above like a never ending storm. Family: I plan to have a family of my own. Something that I can look forward to everyday and love with all my heart something I didn’t receive as a child I would love my child with all my heart and never let them endure what I have. Finances: Own my own home and become a millionare!!!!!!!! $$$$$$

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