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Planning for My Future

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Planning for my future is extremely important for me especially because I decided to go back to college at an older age. I am currently 26 years old, married with no children. While I am currently attending school part time because of my full time work schedule, I intend to continue taking classes during winter and summer sessions to make up for the extra credits and continue on a full time pace. My plan is to finish my Associate in Science Degree at West Chester Community College.

I then, plan on transferring to City College and getting into their Pre-Medical program.

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Planning for My Future
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Five years from now I will just be finishing my first year of medical school. I am still undecided as to which Medical School I would like to attend, possibly Columbia University because I currently work at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and I would receive better educational benefits if I complete my Medical Degree there. It would also be easier to rearrange my work schedule according to my school schedule.

By graduating from Columbia University I have an added bonus that I currently work there and it will be easier for me to land an amazing career right after Medical School with a prestigious hospital.

I would also love to complete my fellowship and residency at The University of Arizona in the Center for Integrative Medicine. After all of my schooling I wouldn’t mind starting a family, while at the same time opening up my own Integrative Medical Practice. I plan on purchasing a home in Westchester County before graduating college. When I decide which school I want to attended, my husband and I will make the decision on either selling our home or keeping it as an investment home depending on where the Medical School I want to attend is located. I just need to continue to remain focused and not give up no matter what obstacles life gives me.

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Planning for My Future. (2016, Oct 02). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/planning-for-my-future/

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