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Plant Biotechnology Question Papers

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Long questions * What is in vitro propagation? How can we produce virus-free/pre-basic seed potatoes by thermo-therapy and meristem culture? what is micro propagation? Describe with illustration the protocol of DAS-ELISA. X2 * Define germplam and cryo-preservation (x2). Describe the steps involved in cryopreservation of shoot tip as a germplasm. X3 * Describe the process of T-DNA transfer and its integration in plant cell by the infection of Agrobacterium. X2 * Describe the method of DNA sequencing by Sanger-Coulson method.

X2 * In what principle does Southern Blot work? Describe, how southern blot is performed.

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Plant Biotechnology Question Papers
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X2 * Describe the steps of transformation to produce transgenic plant using Agrobacterium. * Why is apical meristem mostly free from different viruses? Describe different methods of virus elimination from plants. * What are the common DNA polymerases used in DNA cloning? Describe them with their properties. * What is protoplast? How do you isolate and culture protoplast? Describe the methods of protoplast fusion and regeneration of tobacco. What is soma clonal variation? Write its causes and importance.

x2 * What is micropropagation? Describe with ilustrations different types of micropropagation such as meristem culture, shoot tip culture, single node culture, organogenesis and embryogenesis. X2 * What is haploid culture?

Why do we use it in plant breeding? Describe with illustrations, anther and microspore culture. X3 * Describe the method of organogenesis and embryogenesis(x2). (Differentiation x1) Short Answer Questions. * Reporter gene. Significance in gene cloning. Principle of agarose gel electrophoresis principle used in separation of fragments of nucleic acid. * Describe the process of surface disinfection of an explant. * Describe the different phases of plant tissue culture. Where does sand rooting fit in it? * Describe the steps involved in direct and indirect morphogenesis. * Iso-electric focusing(x2) and its principle. * What is meant by vector used in gene cloning? What are its functions? * What are the main characters of Tobacco and Arabidopsis, which makes them ideal for genetic transformation? Describe the process of anther and microspore culture for the production of haploid plants.

X2 * Why primer is necessary for DNA amplification? Why we must add specific primers to amplify specific sequence by PCR technology. * How end labeling of DNA probe is achived? Describe the methods. X2 * Show the process of nick translation with well-illustrated diagram. * How do the genomic and cDNA libraries differ? X2 * What is a haploid? Describe with illustration the process of anther culture for the production of haploid plants. X2 * What is protoplast?

X2 How do you isolate and culture protoplast? * How do you perform somatic hybridization and identify a hybrid? X2 * Plant consists of 3 genomes(x2). Describe them and write how they differ from one another. * What are the enzymes used in 5’end labelling? Describe how you run the labelling reactions. * How do you initiate callus culture (x2)? Describe with illustration Bergmann cell plating technique(x2). * How do you fuse protoplasts and develop them into a recombinant plant? X2 * Describe different types of cell suspension cultures.

* Describe briefly the process of PBS production.
* Basis of soma-clonal variation.
* Restriction Endonuclease.
Very-Short Answer type Questions:
* Somaclonal variation.x3
* Suspension culture. X2
* Protoplast fusion x3
* Callus culture x4
* Isoelectric focusing
* Expression vector x2
* Restriction endonuclease II x4
* Apical meristem x2
* Plastome and nuclear genome. X2
* Shoot proliferation
* Rooting
* Hardening
* Sterilization of plant
* Growth curve (kinetic) of callus
* Development of microspore
* Macronutrients
* Nick Translation
* Batch Culture
* Bergmann cell plating method x2
* Phasmid
* Plasmid
* Genome
* Embryogenesis
* Morphogenesis
* Differentiate between chondrome and nuclear genome
* Somatic embryo.

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