Plastic Money Market of Bangladesh

This is my pleasure to submit my internship report on “Plastic Money Market of Bangladesh”. It was a great opportunity for me to acquire knowledge and I believe that the knowledge and experience I have gathered during my internship period will immensely help me in my professional life. I have concentrated my best efforts to achieve the objectives of the practical orientation and hope that my endeavor will serve the purpose. However, I will always be happy to welcome any further clarification that you may require. Sincerely yours, …………………………………………… Muhammad Noman Hussain

ID: 15-016, Sec-B Department of Finance University of Dhaka DISCLAIMER I, Muhammad Noman Hussain, am here by declaring that the presented report of internship titled “Plastic Money Market of Bangladesh “is uniquely prepared by me during completion of one and half months work in IFIC Bank Limited. I also confirm that, the report prepared only for my academic requirements not for any other purpose. It might not be used with the interest of opposite party of the organizations. Muhammad Noman Hussain ID: 15-016, Sec-B Department of Finance University of Dhaka

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Certificate of Approval I am pleased to certify that the Internship report on “Plastic Money Market of Bangladesh”, conducted by Muhammad Noman Hussain bearing ID No: 15-016 of the Department of Finance, has been approved for presentation and he is eligible for viva-voce. Under my supervision, Muhammad Noman Hussain worked in IFIC Bank Limited as an intern. Muhammad Noman Hussain bears a strong moral character and a very pleasing personality. It has indeed been a great pleasure working with him. I wish him all success in life. Supervisor Farzana Lalarukh

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