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Plastic Surgery Follows With a High Cost

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The method of plastic surgery dates back to the Old Kingdom of 3000 to 5000 bc before it became an international trend(Plastic Surgery Wikipedia 2019). Plastic Surgery is commonly used to remove disfigurations, imperfections and harmful things among the human body. However most dare to not acknowledge the dangers before undergoing the knife, and how multiple procedures can eventually lead to irreversible scarring and horrendous effects.

There are many medical risks that associate with plastic surgery. According to professor Dennis von Heimbury “Too much fat” shouldn’t be removed because otherwise the skin becomes wrinkled or flabby making tightening necessary to the procedure.

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Plastic Surgery Follows With a High Cost
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“These elective surgeries involve cutting of the skin, cartilage and muscle of bone and the removal of tissue which gone and cannot be replaced.(Points of View Sexton). Both authors explain that the possibility of undergoing plastic surgery can damage, and remove tissue that cannot be replaced. Overall, the risks associated with cosmetic surgery can not only harm you but pile up upon procedure and procedure, and damage you.

Not only plastic surgery associates with medical risks, Plastic surgery follows with a high cost too and also the cost of someone’s life as well. “The practice of plastic surgery has become so commonplace that a term has been coined to describe “liptorium” willing to pay their lives on the line to save money and go across doctors in malesia, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic and other foreign places.” “Foreign procedures that are strictly regulated in the US might not be in other countries and foreign lawsment may offer little protection in the intent of negellience.” Sexton further explains. In other words, people face skeptical doctors from foreign places that offer little protection in intense of negligence” Sexton further explains. To put in other words, people face skeptical doctors in other countries to do their procedures that can lead to life risks, and even death. Overall, plastic surgery not only comes with a high cost, but a cost to someone’s life as well.

Some may argue plastic surgery is a solution to build up self confidence but is it really worth the risk? “Cosmetic surgery can make someone feel less confident as they will always be thinking that others like a fake version of them” Mand Klopper says. “Just like any other procedure whether minor or major has the possibility of going wrong”(7 Main Pros and Cons of plastic surgery). In other words, yes it may boost your confidence, but it’s not worth the risk to put your life on the line.

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