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We are living in an incredible age. Technologic improvements have changed almost everything in our lives. Today we can do many jobs more easily and faster than we did in the past. Our life expectations are increasing steadly, and we are asking for more and more. In recent years a new field in medicine has been held, and it is called plastic surgery. It has made many peoples dreams come true, and d its popularity is rising everyday. In fact, plastic surgerycan make people feel much happier, and it also gives cures for many suffering such as being overweight, cuts after an accident birth defects.

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The first and most importantreason to be against haveing plastic surgery is that theese kinds of operation are very dangerous and maybe harmful to peoples health. To begin with, it is possible that something can go wrong during the operation, and it may be result in a worse physical appearance. Even the operation may cause patients to die during the operation or later.

Another reason why people should not have plastic surgery is that it can be addictive. For example, after a person has an aesthetic operation for the first time, he or she will probablywant to do it again. That is because peoples wishes for being more beautiful never come to an end. Besides, all people have defects and nobody can be perfect. Even the miracles which plastik surgery creat can not change this basic fact.

All in all, people should not change their lookings by having plastic surgery for it is very dangerous and can be addictive and also it gives a mock beautyto people. In my opinion having an aesthetic operation to look better is just like opening the door of a mock heaven. People should be satisfied with their own, natural lookings and they should not be interested in just how they look.


PLASTIC SURGERY IN THE WORLD. (2018, Nov 29). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/plastic-surgery-in-the-world/

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