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Points of Parity and Points of Difference

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Sharma family’ house Noon time, mother has served the food for her kid, returned from the school…. Mother : Darshil!! Darshil!!! Beta khana kha lo!! Kid: Shiii ye sabji mujhe pasand nahi… Bruno(dog) tu kha le….. ye roti ye bhi le le!!! Mother: Darshil ye kya kar raha he??!! ISE KUCH BHI KHILAO KHATA HI NAHI… AUR POSHAN ADHUA REHE JATA HE!! KOI ESA DRINK NAHI JO WO PASAND BHI KARE AUR USE SAMPOORNA POSHAN BHI MILE??!! Almost in every house where kids are there we see this situation happening.

Therefore almost every parent is wondered about the complete health food, as many kids do not like eating the home made food.

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Points of Parity and Points of Difference
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Therefore parents tend to feed milk to their kids, thinking that milk is always the primary source of nutrition for kids and is the richest source of protein. Because Protein is essential for growth and development of the body, it is stressed upon in diet for children. But as per the doctors only milk is not a complete drink for children, they need something more to give a complete nutrition even if the child does not eat proper food hence parents are always in search for such a product which will not only give the taste and flavor to milk but also are fortified with minerals like iron and vitamin C which milk lacks.

Kids require balanced diet which boosts their growth and development. Thus kids are recommended to eat more of foods that contain protein like milk, pulses, and dairy products, more of vegetables and fruits for its vitamins and less of junk food that gives empty calories. Many companies are in the market with their products as complete health products; such as Complan, Bournvita, Horlics etc. but the parent is always wondered which is the best health drink to buy for their kids? COMPAN VS HORLICS Points of Differentiation: Product wise:

Essential nutrients for kids: Look for these components when choosing any nutritional supplement for kid. * Calcium- Required for building strong bones and sustaining a normal development of the body. * Phosphorous- Research shows that phosphorous plays an important role in formation of bones along with calcium and is also useful in digestion, excretion and maintenance of fluids and tissues. * Protein – Proteins are the building blocks of the body, and are constituents of all muscles, tissues and also are responsible for growth and repair of the body. Fatty Acids- Fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are essential for brain development, improving concentration, helping memory and regulating moods swings. * Vitamins and minerals- Vitamins and minerals are very essential for your kid’s development. Vitamin B complex is required to fulfill almost all bodily functions, vitamin C is necessary to develop an immune system, zinc is required for healthy nerve endings and iron is required for better transportation of oxygen in the blood stream. Per 100 gm| Complan| Horlics| Protein (gm)| 18| 11|

Carbohydrates (gm)| 62| 13. 94| Fat (gm)| 11| 2. 0| Calcium (mg)| 800| 741| Phosphorus (mg)| 780| 280| 1serve (gm)| 33(two scoops)| 27(two scoops)| Drinks per pack| 15| 18| These products also differ from each other on the price factor. Price always have been the weak point of Complan. Those who has used this brand know that its good but was terribly expensive compared to the other highly advertised brands. More over the brand was a little confused regarding its positioning and communication, Complan(500 gm. – rs. 154) is bit costly than Horlicks(500 gm. rs. 138). There is Complan that promises to give 100% milk protein with 23 vital nutrients, followed by Bournvita boasting that it is the drink of the real achievers and finally Horlicks which promises to make your kid, ‘Taller, Stronger and Sharper’. Complan is available in four flavors those are natural, chocolate, caramel, mango. Whereas Horlics is available in chocolate, caramel flavors. Points of Parity: Both are serving as a nutritional drink for kids Both are available in different sizes of refills Both are available in the biscuit form

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