Political debates


Presidential debates on 7th occurred in a very neutral environment - Political debates introduction. All the audience had no inclination to a specific candidate they said that both McCain and Obama had equal chances. The vice presidential debate however had a preset attitude on the side of the people and many of them doubted Palin’s experience and because of this, the whole duration of debate may have been dominated by one candidate at the expense of the other. All in all, the debates went on pretty well (CNN, 2008).

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Palin’s performance was not satisfactory to the general public. Many people complained that she never answered questions that were proposed to her. This put Biden to have easy win. On the contrary, the presidential debates were very hot as both Obama and McCain had the guts to hit onto one another. Voters could not just tell who was right for the post of presidency (New York Times, 2008).

McCain and Obama’s debate finally ended in a state that more people were in agreement with Obama’s strategies. The two presidential candidates were put in vigorous task of answering questions in areas like policy on war, health care, economy and education system. Their responses were quite competitive but many people finally disagreed with McCain’s strategies on war. This in turn gave Obama an upper hand.  Both debates ended with many people supporting the democrats than ever.

 Statistics that were collected after the debates show that Obama had 54% of voters supporting him while only 30 % were for McCain’s bid for presidency (CBS polls (2008). The vice presidential debates left the world certain that the democrats were best prepared to lead the country. Biden displayed better strengths compared to Palin. Presidential debates also had the same indication of the democrats winning.


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