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Australia’s Political Field – Pauline Hanson

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Beginning close to three years ago as a tiny, inconsiderable speck on the political horizon, Pauline Hanson has since seen her influence and attention in Australian politics skyrocket. So much so, in fact, that she is now arguably the most talked about politician in Australia, ahead of even the Prime Minister.

She now has her own political party, One Nation, who will contest the upcoming federal election with a feeling of confidence after the party’s success in the recent Queensland state election.

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Australia’s Political Field – Pauline Hanson
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However dismayed the rest of the political world are about this new threat, no successful plan or strategy has yet been found to curb her ever increasing popularity. Besides the other political party’s feeling of dismay at One Nation’s success, they have also experienced a feeling of disbelief as to how One Nation could win support with the current collection unattainable ideals and promises which they call their policies. This is not to say that all of their ideals are bad, but the unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your point of view) fact is that One Nation do not have a single viable or intelligent policy.

However they continue to gain support, and this is what befuddles the vast majority of sensible, rational Australians. It has been said that One Nation has gained support because of people’s dissatisfaction towards the other political parties, and this theory could have some merit, sad as that may be. You would think that in a country like ours, voters should have an alternative than to vote for a party whose policies and selfish idealisms could only be detrimental to the country. However, after receiving promise after promise from the major parties only to hear them be broken with unnerving regularity, this line of reasoning can be understood, although certainly not endorsed, and it goes someways towards explaining how One Nation have become an important consideration in Australia’s political field.

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