Pop art In parallel to Abstract expressionism Essay

Pop art is seen as a reaction to abstract expressionism in such a way that pop artists themselves criticized the latter as a rendering of art as overly highbrow, subjective (too artist centered), and detached from the lives and reality for those who shall be its audience - Pop art In parallel to Abstract expressionism Essay introduction. There was really no need to articulate the criticisms held towards abstract expressionist works, because by looking merely at the subject of both aesthetic movements, we will be able to see how divergent the two are.

Abstract Expressionism chooses to pay keen attention to the strokes and paint details in an artwork. It caters to render the skill of the artist, and more importantly the emotions and surrealistic imagery the latter wishes to reveal/express. The difference is clarified further when we put an abstract expressionist painting juxtapose to a pop-artists. In raised point, consider the now iconic “Campbell Soup Can” of Andy Warhol in 1962, pop-art is best viewed in consideration of its roots stemming from mass culture. As such, in closing the gap of everyday living (brought into view by the pop-art feature of making things we see on a daily basis their subject) and art non-exclusive to the intellectual, pop artist makes a statement against art that is made in order to showcase a talent rather than life itself.

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Pop art In parallel to Abstract expressionism
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The Campbell Soup and other things that concern pop-culture at their time also marked the diffusion of art from the traditional sense, and into the domain of mainstream appreciation. Wham! By Roy Lichenstein in 1963, also establishes the demand for everyday aesthetics to be taken as serious art by incorporating comic images if not making it central in his paintings. Abstract expressionists on the other hand, focused on the style of their artists, to a point that the very repertoire that calls itself abstract expressionism is characterized by its diversity and keen approach/concern for the physical reality of their canvas and the emotions rendered in every gesture and stroke. For reference to this, one must take a look at Jackson Pollock’s painting entitled Black and White, which became a ground work for action painting, one of the fundamental streams of abstract expressionism; it renders the power of the painter and his unity with the colors and tools in manipulating the canvas.


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