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Pornstars and Prostitues

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  • Pages 2
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    The sex industry is a million, if not billion, dollar industry, encompassing everything from strip clubs to lingerie stores. The two most prominent aspects of this industry are prostitution and pornography. While pornstars and prostitues are two sides of the same coin, they have distinct similarities and differences, namely in their physical appearance, clothing, and, most importantly perhaps, income. Firstly, the physical appearance, and thus the image, that both portray are two ends of a spectrum.

    Upon hearing the word pornstar, one may think of someone who is well groomed, beautiful, and desirable. The opposite image is created by the mention of the word prostitute, in that they are seen as filthy, ugly, and unwanted. Pornstars do ‘business’ in fancy mansions or hotel rooms, whereas pornstars are picked up off the sides of streets and dingy alleys. While the physical appearance of the two could not be more different, they are same in their underlying appearance of sexuality.

    Secondly, a large part of their image relies heavily on their clothing. The differences here are similar to those of their physical appearance; while both are scantily clad, pornstars make their clothing look glamorous, while prostitutes are better seen as disheveled. Finally, a similiarity they share is their income, in that for both pornstars and prostitues, their income is generated from sex. However, even within this similiarity there are significant differences.

    Pornography is a greater business than prostitution, almost 1/3 of the Internet being based on prostitution alone. Due to this, on average, prostitutes make significantly greater money than an average pornstar. There are exceptions to these cases, however. Prostitution also has its high end prostitutes, better known as escorts, who look just as glamorous and desirable as pornstars, while making a similar income. You also have pornstars on the bottom few rungs of the pornography income ladder, who have incomes and images similar to those of prostitutes.

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