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Thesis Statement: Port Everglades has experienced steady fiscal and geographical growing over the past decennary - Port Everglades Research Paper Pujalt iOutlineThesis Essay introduction. The purchase of more land will make more concern and an addition of net income that would profit investors every bit good as the community.

I. Land Purchase

A. Benefits

B. Cost

II. Broward County Government

A. Buying Decisions

B. Tax Breaks

III. Increased Business

A. Cruise Ships

B. Containerized Cargo

IV. Projections

A. Grosss

B. New Jobs

Pujalt 1

The Expansion of Port Everglades

Port Everglades is located on the southeast seashore of South Florida. It lies partially embedded within Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Dania Beach and unincorporated Broward County ( U.S. Army, 75 ) . Port Everglades has experienced steady fiscal and geographical growing over the past decennary. The purchase of more land will make more concern and an addition of net income that would profit investors every bit good as the community.

Harmonizing to Arthur Novacek & # 8217 ; s article in The Herald, Port Everglades has experienced steady growing in all aspects for more than a decennary now. The Port has besides expanded physically as its concern has grown over the old ages, but has now run out of extra room ( 9 ) . The lone solution to maintain spread outing the Port was to purchase more land. This land, located next to the Port, belongs to Michael J. Swerdlow, a South Florida developer. Purchase of this land would increase the Port by 272 estates ( Bussey, 20 ) .

The benefits of this enlargement are endless. The enlargement will change over Port Everglades into a multipurpose hub associating sea, air, rail and main road transit ( Hemlock, 6 ) . The Port will spread out its bing operations and develop a 40-acre hub in which cargo, packed in transporting containers, can easy be transferred to boats, railwaies, main roads, or the airdrome ( 6 ) .

Port Everglades one time depended entirely on the crude oil industry. Now, nevertheless, Port Everglades has the second-highest sail ship rider count and the 12th largest containerized lading operation in the state, and is besides one of merely 85 ports in America to run with a net income ( Novacek, 9 ) . In 1996 the port showed $ 9.3 million in net incomes ( Bussey, 20 ) . Harmonizing to Goodkin Research Corp. purchasing and developing this extra 272 estates could intend an economic impact of $ 3.4 billion in net income over 20 old ages ( Hemlock, 6 ) .

Pujalt 2

Mr. Novacek & # 8217 ; s antecedently cited article besides stated that the value of spread outing Port Everglades can & # 8217 ; t be measured by an assessment. Port Everglades & # 8217 ; land is located near to a big graduated table of economic generators such as havens, airdromes, and main roads. The worth of Port Everglades and its milieus transcends far above the normal value of ordinary land ( 9 ) .

The cost of the enlargement is an approximated $ 140 million ( Bussey, 20 ) . As Novacek explains, the benefits by far outweigh the cost. The cost of the enlargement will make a site for a 40-acre inter-modal container-transfer installation. An inter-modal installation is a dockside railway pace that cheaply and expeditiously handles large lading containers between ships, railway autos, and trucks. This installation would supply a hub similar to that of air hoses. This installation will besides be used to supply a subdivision for new container-cargo ocean services, warehousing, and in-transit storage for cars ( 9 ) .

On September 23, 1997 the Broward County Commission voted 4-3 to purchase the 272 estates next to

the port from Michael J. Swerdlow for $ 120 million. Swerdlow will so rent back 97 estates to construct warehouses, paying the Port $ 45 million over 30 old ages ( Bussey, 20 ) . There will be no taxpayer dollars spent in geting this land. The Port’s concern community will supply the grosss to buy the land. As an endeavor fund within Broward County Government, Port Everglades is a self-sufficient bureau. It generates its ain grosss and pays its ain disbursals, including debt service. Port Everglades does non have County property-tax dollars for operations or capital enlargement ( Novacek, 9 ) .

The Port owes much of its growing to cruise ships. The sail industry produces $ 3.9 billion in touristry in Broward County & # 8217 ; s economic system each twelvemonth. Cruise lines

Pujalt 3

hold programs to construct about 60 ships by 2004. These ships range from little luxury line drives to a new coevals of giants with a capacity of transporting about 4,000 riders. The Port & # 8217 ; s sail concern has climbed from 2.2 million riders in 1998 to 2.7 million in 1999 ( Scott, 1 ) .

One of the biggest Cruise lines, Princess Cruises, announced that it will construct four new ships to be based at Port Everglades ( 2 ) . Celebrity Cruise Lines plans to construct two extra ships by 2002, one expected to be based at Port Everglades. Royal Caribbean has six more ships planned. Holland America Line is constructing five prodigious ships by 2005, of which at least one will be based at Port Everglades ( Wyman, 1 ) .

Not merely are cruise ships taking advantage of the enlargement at Port Everglades, but as Doreen Hemlock studies, the volume of container cargo increased by 65 % in 1995 after the last major enlargement. In 1996, the volume rose another 13 % . Booming markets in Latin America and the Caribbean are demanding more sailing frequence. SeaFreight line added new, larger vass ; Sea-Land Service added new service between Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean ( Bussey, 20 ) . Cargo growing has exceeded projections by 10 % in each of the past 5 old ages ( Novacek, 9 ) , and functionaries expect growing of 3 % to 7 % annually through 2005 ( Wyman, 6 ) .

Projections on the result of the enlargement of Port Everglades are first-class. Conservative projections show that over the following 20 old ages this extra belongings entirely will bring forth $ 96 million in net grosss. Its development and usage is expected to make a $ 3.4 billion economic net income impact on Broward and adjacent communities ( 9 ) . Mercer Management predicts container-cargo trade will increase 5 to 7 % through 2010 ( Bussey, 22 ) .

Pujalt 4

The developing enlargement of Port Everglades will besides make a assortment of new occupations. The Port already estimates 20,000 direct occupations will be produced ( Hemlock, 6 ) .With all the new concern the big scale enlargement of Port Everglades is pulling, the determination to buy the extra estates of land is certainly a moneymaking investing.


Pujalt 5

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