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A Portrait of Stephen Dedalus as a Young ManA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is above all a portrayal of Stephen Dedalus - PortartA Research Paper A Portrait of Essay introduction. It is through Stephen that we see his universe, and it is his development from sensitive kid to rebellious immature adult male that forms the secret plan of the novel. There are many Stephens, frequently contradictory. He is fearful yet bold, insecure yet proud, lonely and at the same clip afraid of love. One Stephen is a romantic who daydreams of swashbuckling heroes and virginal heroines. The other is a realist at place on Dublin & # 8217 ; s most seamy streets. One Stephen is excessively diffident to snog the immature lady he yearns for. The other readily turns to cocottes to fulfill his sexual impulses. One is a timid foreigner bullied by his schoolmates. The other is brave plenty to face and inquiry authorization. One piously hopes to go a priest. The other cynically rejects faith. Stephen loves his female parent, yet finally hurts her by rejecting her Catholic religion. Taught to idolize his male parent, he can & # 8217 ; t assist but see that Simon Dedalus is a bibulous failure. Unhappy as a ageless foreigner, he lacks the heat to prosecute in true friendly relationship. & # 8220 ; Have you ne’er loved anyone? & # 8221 ; his fellow pupil, Cranly, asks him. & # 8220 ; I tried to love God, & # 8221 ; Stephen answers. & # 8220 ; It seems now I failed. & # 8221 ; The force that finally unites these contradictory Stephens is his overpowering desire to go an creative person, to make. At the novel & # 8217 ; s gap we see him as an infant creative person who sings & # 8220 ; his song. & # 8221 ; Eventually we & # 8217 ; ll see him spread out that vocal into poesy and theories of art. At the book & # 8217 ; s terminal he has made art his faith, and he abandons household, Catholicism, and state to idolize it. The name Joyce gave his hero underscores this facet of his character. His first name comes from St. Stephen, the first Christian sufferer ; many readers have seen Stephen as a sufferer to his art. His last name comes from the great discoverer of Greek myth, Daedalus, whose labyrinths and waxy wings are the sort of glorious artistic creative activities Stephen hopes to be in his authorship. Merely as Stephen is a contradictory figure, we may hold contradictory feelings about him. We can believe that he is a superb creative person who must fly dull, artless Dublin at any cost. We can look up to his intelligence and bravery. We can see his art good worthy of martyrdom, a

nd consider that it merits comparing with Daedalus’ accomplishments. His theories and verse forms are, if non chef-d’oeuvres, at least the plants of a adult male who may someday make a chef-d’oeuvre. Indeed, we can believe that Stephen may turn up to be really much like the James Joyce who wrote A Portrait of the Artist.

On the other manus, we can hold with the readers who call Stephen a supreme egoist, & # 8220 ; a posturing, unproved esthete, & # 8221 ; a egoistic prig who has succumbed to the wickedness of pride. & # 8220 ; You are wrapped up in yourself, & # 8221 ; says his friend MacCann. We can believe, as some readers do, that Stephen & # 8217 ; s artistic theories and his plants of poesy are at most the merchandises of a clever but shallow head. Stephen may martyr himself for art, but his martyrdom will be deserving nil because he is excessively self-involved to be a great creative person. He is non Daedalus ; alternatively he resembles Daedalus & # 8217 ; boy, Icarus, who, have oning his male parent & # 8217 ; s wings, soared excessively near the Sun and died as a consequence of folly and pride. Or we can take other positions. Possibly Joyce makes merriment of Stephen & # 8217 ; s pretenses while still look up toing the courage that accompanies them. Possibly Joyce feels sympathy for Stephen & # 8217 ; s battles but besides feels obliged to mock the less admirable facets of his hero & # 8217 ; s character & # 8211 ; because he shared those character traits himself. The rubric of the fresh contains two intimations we may desire to maintain in head as we make our judgement of Stephen:1. The novel is a portrayal of the creative person as a immature adult male. Joyce himself said to a friend that his creative person was non to the full formed yet. Young work forces frequently take themselves, and their rebellions, excessively earnestly. Yet they may derive wisdom as they grow older. 2. The novel is a portrayal, non the portrayal of the creative person. Possibly this is an admittance that the book gives merely one version of Stephen. Other portrayals might add other information and focal point on different facets of his personality. At the terminal of A Portrait of the Artist, will Stephen wing or fall? Joyce does non state. A ulterior work, Ulysses, is in portion a continuance of Stephen & # 8217 ; s narrative, but even in this work Stephen & # 8217 ; s concluding destiny is non certain. With his complexnesss and contradictions, Stephen seems more like a life homo being than a figure from a book. And who can cognize everything about another human being? Who can foretell with complete certainty what that human being & # 8217 ; s destiny will be?

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