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Portrayal Of Teens In The Medi
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The media, that giant intimidating creative activity has taken the stereotypes of teens, the manner people view teens, and the manner we view ourselves, and has turned it into a delusional monster - Portrayal Of Teens In The Medi Essay introduction. The media at this point in clip portrays adolescents as by and large bad. Well to be honest, non by and large bad, but largely atrocious. We are seen as the cause for dismay and problem in society. The media portrays us as frenzied delinquents with no solid yesteryear and no concrete hereafter.

The chief points of adolescents that are warped into a prevarication are visual aspect and generalisation of actions. The media spreads the thought that merely because some teens choose to acquire more piercing done, or a tattoo, or make up one’s mind to acquire a different hair colour that it is someway related to a dysfunctional sector of society. Peoples have to recognize that the adolescent/teenager part of 1s life is a clip of self realisation and look. Teenss are merely happening these things as mercantile establishments for emotion and look. The media uses these things and utilizes them in a kind of run to portray us as bad and leery.

Teenss are non merely portrayed as delinquents but besides as disloyal, idle, leery monsters. The media causes the public followers to presume that all adolescents are bad and immoral merely because of a few that have done things incorrect. And even when a adolescent does something incorrect, that excessively is sensationalized. We do non generalise that all grownups are slayers and rapers merely because a few have chosen the & # 8220 ; wayward path. & # 8221 ; In that sense, it contradicts one of the many other aspects that the media represents below the belt. Adolescents are seen as immature and with no hereafter. But are we non more mature than our grownup function theoretical accounts by non generalising about them?

I admit that I personally know a few people that have made some picks that have resulted in gaol sentences and other effects. Merely because there are a few adolescents like that does non intend that we are all likewise in that facet. Another misconception about adolescents is that the interior metropolis or black teens are involved in packs. This is one of the lowest and cheapest misunderstandings. Generalizing by race and where people live ( and in bend generalizing because of societal category ) makes me ill. I see this as a pathetic portraiture and a complete prevarication.

The media besides portrays

teens as passing their clip making nil. They put us in shows and in commercials in groups of three or four, complete with the antecedently discussed tattoos and loose bloomerss, merely sitting around making nil. They send the message across that we are fundamentally merely a “crime waiting to happen.” Which is non the instance. About 98 % of the teens I know responsibly arrange and map out their programs. Very few of them sit around with no occupation waiting to make something incorrect. Another portion of this misunderstanding is the attitude of adolescents in general. The media portrays general teenage attitude ( which is portrayed as detesting all signifiers of authorization and non desiring to listen to anyone ) as traveling manus in manus with offense and delinquency.

On a personal note, my reaction to this reading is non merely one of disgust, but one of letdown. Sing and hearing that our grownups in society are portraying teens as lazy good for nothings with no hereafter disheartens me.

Thingss that are unjust or incorrect can be passed up and ignored at little degrees, but when they reach a crescendo like the media portraiture of us, it gets to be raging and saddening. I seldom watch Television and I think that is one of the factors that leads to me non truly holding an angry reaction to hearing about our opinion. But if I did watch a greater sum of Television I think that I would be sickened and want to make something about it. When a society misinterprets it & # 8217 ; s ain future political leaders, economic experts, and physicians, there is a serious job. What is more of import to some people? The temptation of large money or the scruples of what is right? Has our society sunk so far down that we attack a portion of ourselves merely to derive money? This is what I see the & # 8220 ; media greats & # 8221 ; making.

I know my ideas will be negative, but what can one individual make about this? Even if a whole group of adolescents voiced their sentiments, the Television Stationss and proprietors would still portray us as they have been. They know that people will still watch. Which leads me to oppugn the power that Television and the media has over society, but that treatment would all be in choler and vain so I will halt at this: We as adolescents have to recognize that the lone manner to alter the ideas that people have about us is to turn out the media incorrect and demo everyone that we are non the same as we are interpreted.

Portrayal Of Teens In The Medi Essay

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