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Portrayal of Women in Music Videos

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The tarnished masterpiece of the present century “Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece. ” Author unknown. It is indeed hard to imagine or comprehend such a quote in a society where women are often portrayed as sex symbols and sex objects. Media is one of the major sources for gender depictions in our society and it has played a major role in placing unfathomable gender roles on women in regards to how they are to behave, and address themselves within a society.

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Portrayal of Women in Music Videos
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The gender depictions of women in our society are truly very saddening and mind-blowing! Music is one of the most influencing media within our time and generation, especially Rap and hip-hop. Demoralizing women has become the major source of income for many of our Rap artists in our society. Killing us softly 4 mentions different ways, where women are used in the media to make things rather, “appealing. ” One of the stereotypes was how women are considered to be “slaves” to men, fully surrendered and laying at the feet of their “slave master.

Many of the major advertisements portray women to be the “weak vessel. ” You can see her holding on to the leg of her man, or lying next to a shoe of her man, or getting hand cuffed by the male. A full submission is what is being portrayed here through this ads and commercials. “Wildflower” by Ghostface Killah is a perfect example of this typical portrayal of women within the music media. “You gained crazy points, baby, just bein’ with God,” one of the lines from the lyrics of this song which is very obvious in displaying the mindset of a man.

When a closer look is made to the lyrics of this song, it can be seen that the man is the commander, where he is commanding the woman to do things that meets his sexual needs, making him feel like he accomplished something great. Even though we don’t see this commanding power come in to play in the advertisements, it is still explicit when you see the girl trying to hold tight on to the man’s leg. This type of portrayal shows that women cannot achieve anything in this world without a man or that she is vulnerable and incapable of achieving things on her own.

Vulnerability, which is also taken to another level by displaying that she is prone to do everything that a man asks her to do; woman, as an individual without a voice. Another one of the stereotypes were how women are appealing for their body parts and their sexuality rather than their personality. It was made evident in the movie that women are also used for their femininity, which is what makes them women – different from men. One of the images that struck me was the Gucci advertisement. A guy knelt before a girl, in a way where he was worshipping, what makes her feminine in her body.

The sad part was when I saw the letter G written on her which caused the guy to “worship” her femininity, as if she was some sort of an object but in this case, she was representing Gucci. It was even more disappointing when I realized that her face was not shown in the advertisement but just everything below her neck. It is again very evident that women are used as sex symbols and sex objects. Same concept applies in the music media as well, where Ghostface raps about the specific body parts of a woman in the most degrading and disrespectful ways a man ever could! If your pussy dry, spit on my dick and put it in, my dick’s the bomb baby, marvelous hot steak” and this is merely an example of the level of disrespect a man would reach for a woman. The only difference between the advertisements and the music is that the ads show one image to explain it all but the words speak louder in music; it is explicit compared to the ads where it’s implicit. The consequences of these constant beat down on women are becoming very real in our society. For instance, a 12- year old girl has reported that she was raped by a group of 14- year old boys at a recreational center and it was reported just this morning.

I believe that media is very influential in these sorts of behavior from teenage boys. Media encourages these things through vulgar music, degrading advertisements, and it promotes violence and abuse towards women and now, even little girls. Rap music in general has failed miserably in portraying the true worth of a woman. Women have a character that men cannot replace in any other way. “Behind every great man, there is a great woman,” and I strongly believe this because it is very applicable in my life as well.

I can say that my mother plays an important role in my life, and she stood behind my success till now. Being an international student in this country takes a lot of courage, but the support and encouragement from my mother has helped me every step of the way. She is able to do things that a man cannot do; to be the nurturing, caring, patient, loving, and protective woman she can be to her children and her family. A woman should not be used as a sexual object or a sex symbol because that wasn’t the purpose of her creation.

She was called to be a mother, a sister, a daughter. I am very saddened by the way things have turned out in our society pertaining to women. If I could explain the worth of a woman in a song, it would be ‘A mother’s love” by Jim Brickman. This song brings out the respect that a woman should receive from everyone in a society. A little girl is born to be a young lady someday, and then she will become a woman, who finds the purpose in life to be a mother to her children, and this is the way women should be portrayed in our society.

Once, women had their place of respect in this country but that place has been taken away from them. But this is how a woman should be described, “You gave me the roots to start this life, and then gave me wings to fly and I learned to dream because you believed in me, there’s no power like it on this earth, no treasure equal to its worth, the gift of a mother’s love. ” This is the worth of a woman. Both songs I have mentioned repel each other for obvious reasons. One fails to state the true worth of a woman and the other song does an excellent job in describing a woman through a mother’s love.

Clearly, there is something wrong within our society; we have lost our values and morals when it comes to respect, true worth, and humanity. It is one thing for a man to have such a degrading view about women but to actually encourage it through media is just an utter disgrace! I would strongly avoid these types of depiction in the music but why is it so hard for music artists to keep it clean? Why is it necessary to portray women in such a disgraceful way and disrespect them in the worst way possible? CITATIONS Killah, Ghostface. “”Wildflower”” Azlyrics. om. Azlyrics, n. d. Web. 17 July 2012. <http://www. azlyrics. com/lyrics/ghostfacekillah/wildflower. html>. Zmzhong7. “A Mother’s Love [Lyrics] – Jim Brickman. ” YouTube. YouTube, 09 May 2012. Web. 17 July 2012. <http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=N3BrcqoSqMQ>. Zallot, Morgan. “12-year-old Girl Reports Being Raped at Rec Center. ” Philadelphia Daily News. Philadelphia Daily News, 17 July 2012. Web. 17 July 2012. <http://www. philly. com/philly/news/20120717_12-year-old_girl_reports_being_rape_at_rec_center. html? c=r>.

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