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Life-threatening medical diagnosis

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POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER Chrishanda Anderson College Writing 101/N1 Rm. 412 Mr. Saifi July 5, 2010 Post traumatic stress disorder is an emotional illness, which usually develops as a result of terribly frightening, life-threatening, or otherwise unsafe experiences.

Many people suffer from PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and may not know it. In this essay I will provided the reasons, cause, effects and the difference of this disorder in many people. Post traumatic stress disorder has only been recognized as a formal diagnosis until 1980.

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Life-threatening medical diagnosis
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During the Civil War it was referred to as suffering from ‘‘soldiers Heart”. Although in World War I, symptoms that were consistent with this syndrome was called “Combat Fatigue”. This was referred to veterans in the military population.

This disorder has several stages. In military population it has been said it results from an increased exposure to combat at a younger age. More important facts estimate that 5 million people suffer from post traumatic disorder (PTSD) at one time or another in the United States.

Although that fact also stated that women are twice as likely as to men to develop PTSD. The cause of PTSD can include their experiencing, or witnessing of a severe accident, physical injury, receiving a life-threatening medical diagnosis.

Also being a victim of kidnapping, torture, exposure to war and natural disasters. The causes from PTSD in a natural disaster can come from plane crashes, terrorist attacks, being a victim of rape, mugging, robbery and assault. This disorder will occur from enduring physical, sexual, emotional, involvement in a civil conflict and other forms of abuse. Statistics in children and teens revealed that up to more than 40% have endured at least one traumatic event. This resulted in the development of PTSD, which is up to 15% of girls and 6% of boys.

This on average is 3%*6% of high school students in the United States. 30%-60% of children who have survived specific disasters have PTSD. Post traumatic disorder has several effects, but not all individuals who have been traumatized develop PTSD. PTSD effects can be a risk for higher use of cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana. It also can devastate far reaching consequences for suffers. It may include these consequences for those that are functioning, in relationships, their families and for society.

Its effects can cause people to have more medical problems, trouble reproducing and learning abilities. Also that the effects of this disorder can be very serious if left untreated; this disorder does have several treatments, such as psychotherapy and relaxation techniques. I can conclude that this disorder can occur in many different ways. During my research I learned that anyone with this disorder can be treated, in which the severity of the disorder has emerged. Knowing that anyone can be diagnosis is one reason. Being treated for this disorder is another.

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