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PowerPoint Slides

            Using PowerPoint slides for presentations can be a potential way of attracting the audience towards arguments and views - PowerPoint Slides Essay introduction. It is one most potent ways of achieving success in meetings. Particularly, PowerPoint presentation slides are used in modern day learning processes, marketing and business meeting, corporate induction and training sessions and sales gatherings. PowerPoint tools allow for the creation of presentations by employing images, texts, graphic elements and charts. There are two ways of making PowerPoint presentations: using the Auto Content Wizard and making a presentation right from scratch. There are also tools in Microsoft PowerPoint which allow the use of the already made templates. While all these tools are handy, one question still remain: should one make PowerPoint slides right from scratch or use wizards and templates in making slides? This paper will answer the question on what the advantages and disadvantages of using each of the method (Microsoft.com, 2010).

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            It is much easier for one to load the very standard PowerPoint slide templates right from the directory installed on computers. Alternatively, slide templates can be downloaded from the Internet (World Class Solutions, 2010). The templates are usually pages which have already been prepared and formatted. All is required is to fill in into the blanks and this eases work! However, there are problems with this method.  One may need to pay for the downloaded templates which can be expensive. Templates from Microsoft PowerPoint directory look very common and overused and one may not stand out (Microsoft Corporation, 2010). This may lose the interest of the audience. The templates may not also satisfy ones particular needs. Perhaps to solve the issue of commonness, one may wish to download the backgrounds and this might be expensive. So, should one really use templates in PowerPoint slide design?

            The second way of making presentations is by preparing slides right from scratch (World Class Solutions, 2010). Design skills are heavily required to make unique designs which stand out. The quality of slides developed from scratch depends on the professionalism of the designer. Business leaders or presenters and speakers choose default backgrounds and use specific spacing, fonts, textboxes, animations and transitions (World Class Solutions, 2010). Using these default values makes presentations to awfully look boring to the eye! All in all it is recommended to make presentations from scratch to avoid the commonness of slide template appearances. To design professional slides from scratch, it is important to master the message to be relayed to the audience. This is to keep it relevant in all ways. It is also recommended to make the slide physically look professional by working on perfecting backgrounds, fonts, layout, bullet points, graphics and animations. Wrong on the message and the visuals will result to both audience attention and effective message communication.


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