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Practicum Report in Restaurant Sample

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  • Pages 5
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    • Trace the history of the eating house.• Draw / illustrate the logo of the eating house in full colour and discourse it how and why it was designed as such.• Rationale / grounds of taking the name and location of the eating house.• Discuss the type of ownership and direction manners used in the operation.• Take images of the restaurant’s external visual aspect ( such as front position and other possible sides ) .

    General Location

    • Provide drawings of the location map and locality map of the country with specific landmarks to easy supply descriptions how to acquire at that place from the university.• Describe the distance off from the school.

    • Take 3600 images of the locality of the country to supply thought of the location and immediate rival.

    Doctrine. Mission and Vision

    • Discuss the institution’s intent of being and the mark to which the company directs its attempts. • Discuss the chief rules and push of the company.

    Organization Chart

    • Take images of staff and station in the organisation set-up of the eating house with matching names of the people keeping different places ( from top direction to general staff ) in the organisation chart. • Discuss lines of authorization. concatenation of bid and span of control of each place.

    Job Description

    • Write the elaborate lineation of everyday undertakings and side responsibilities for eachplace.


    I. Restaurant Manager

    Basic Function: Responsible for keeping a smooth and efficient flow of operation in the eating house. and sees to it that everything is carried out in conformity with prescribed criterions and policies.

    Duties and Duties:

    1. Form the flow of the front-of-the house and back-of-the house.2. Delegates side responsibilities to subsidiaries.3. Behaviors occupation orientation and preparation.

    Job Specification

    • Outline the making demands for each place.


    I. Restaurant Director:

    1. With 5 old ages occupation experience in the same field.2. Alumnus of any direction class or equivalent to direction class.3. Can talk and compose fluid English communicating.4. With delighting personality5. Between 25 to 40 old ages of age.

    Job Breakdown

    • Describe in item how the undertaking will be performed and the stairss and processs that will be followed in executing each undertakings.


    I. Restaurant Director:

    1. Delegate side responsibilities to subsidiaries

    a. Check productivity study of each place in the organisation. B. Identify each chief maps needed to execute on each line of work. c. Identify other maps to be able to maximise the work to be performed in each place. d. Match the work plan with manpower agenda and place the specific place to manage each duty. e. Delegate the map to specific place.

    Standard Operating Procedures

    • Provide detailed and comprehensive cheque list of criterions of quality. productiveness. costs. safety. sanitation and other maps. • State desired consequences of work performed by utilizing review checklist.

    Manpower Requirements

    • Illustrate sample work loads of dining staff for one cut-off period ; supply a work agenda as Gantt chart. • Discuss available figure of workers for every shift/period of workload/schedule per cut-off.

    Facilities and Layout

    • Draw the restaurant’s layout and floor program demoing both the dining and production country in one program. • Take images of the different installations and discourse each map in the eating house.

    Work Atmosphere

    • Provide images and depict the working ambiance of the eating house in footings of light. colour. temperature. noise and music. flow of traffic. and work conditions.

    Use of Material Resources

    • Provide and discuss sample of signifiers like bill of fare. booklets. order faux pass. suggestion cards. collapsible shelter cards. and others.

    Safety and Sanitation Procedures and Practices

    • Describe and explicate the safety and sanitation plans of the constitution and how they are being implemented and monitored by the direction. • Provide penetrations / remarks of different staff on the existent execution of the plan in relation to their operation.

    Outstanding Features

    • Discuss the alone characteristics of the eating house compared to other eating houses such as construct design and particular services offered.

    Chapter 2



    • Discuss the advantages of the internal resources of the eating house such as managerial accomplishments. work flow. organisation construction. values. civilizations and attitudes of forces. service they offer. client satisfaction. and eating house installations.


    • Describe the incapacities and deficits of the available resources of the eating house. • Problems encountered and troubles in the internaloperation.


    • Discuss how the external environments ( stakeholders. authorities. providers. local communities. rivals. clients. creditors. labour brotherhoods. particular involvement groups and trade associations ) can positively impact the eating house operation. Menaces

    • Discuss how the external environments ( stakeholders. authorities. providers. local communities. rivals. clients. creditors. labour brotherhoods. particular involvement groups and trade associations ) can negatively impact the eating house operation.

    SWOT Analysis

    • Provide SWOT ( TOWS ) Matrix:o List 5 – 10 factors in Strength. Weakness. Opportunities and Menaces

    Strategic Plans

    • Give some strategic options on what class of action the direction should take in relation to bettering the failings of the eating house in visible radiation of its company strengths. • Give some strategic options on what class of action the direction should take in relation to get the better of menaces of the eating house in visible radiation of its possible chances.


    • Specify which of the strategic options you are urging for the overall operation of the eating house. • Justify your recommendation in footings of the ability of the direction to decide the jobs encountered in the eating house operation. include budget and procedure of execution. • What are the agencies of control steps that will be set-up for the plan?

    Chapter 3


    Aims of the Practicum

    • Relate your eating house practicum experiences on each aims of the eating house practicum plan. • Discuss how the eating house practicum plan of the take parting eating house provided you the preparation to accomplish / successfully attain each aim.

    A. General Aims:

    To get practical knowledge/skills on the operational facet of the different sections in a foodservice constitution.

    B. Specific Aims:

    1. Associate cardinal places in the foodservice industries and associate operations to their corresponding undertakings and duties.

    2. Identify and grok standard operational processs and techniques of each of the sections/departments assigned.

    3. Perform the specific undertakings required in the sections/departments assigned.

    4. Appreciate the importance of efficient operational policies and processs in relation to the overall direction of the foodservice operations.

    5. Be familiar with the equipment. installations and layout design of each section.

    6. Analyze and measure operational processs in each assigned section and urge the appropriate class of action to better them.

    7. Determine the stage of foodservice work that best suits him or her for future employment considerations.

    Learning Experiences

    • Discuss acquisition experiences encountered during on-the-job preparation. attached all information written inside the logbook or hebdomadal study.

    Improvement on the Restaurant Practicum Training Program

    • Discuss on how to better present eating house practicum preparation plan. Internal Factors

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