Practicum Report in Restaurant Sample

• Trace the history of the eating house.• Draw / illustrate the logo of the eating house in full colour and discourse it how and why it was designed as such.• Rationale / grounds of taking the name and location of the eating house.• Discuss the type of ownership and direction manners used in the operation.• Take images of the restaurant’s external visual aspect ( such as front position and other possible sides ) .

General Location

• Provide drawings of the location map and locality map of the country with specific landmarks to easy supply descriptions how to acquire at that place from the university.• Describe the distance off from the school.

• Take 3600 images of the locality of the country to supply thought of the location and immediate rival.

Doctrine. Mission and Vision

• Discuss the institution’s intent of being and the mark to which the company directs its attempts. • Discuss the chief rules and push of the company.

Organization Chart

• Take images of staff and station in the organisation set-up of the eating house with matching names of the people keeping different places ( from top direction to general staff ) in the organisation chart. • Discuss lines of authorization. concatenation of bid and span of control of each place.

Job Description

• Write the elaborate lineation of everyday undertakings and side responsibilities for eachplace.


I. Restaurant Manager

Basic Function: Responsible for keeping a smooth and efficient flow of operation in the eating house. and sees to it that everything is carried out in conformity with prescribed criterions and policies.

Duties and Duties:

1. Form the flow of the front-of-the house and back-of-the house.2. Delegates side responsibilities to subsidiaries.3. Behaviors occupation orientation and preparation.

Job Specification

• Outline the making demands for each place.


I. Restaurant Director:

1. With 5 old ages occupation experience in the same field.2. Alumnus of any direction class or equivalent to direction class.3. Can talk and compose fluid English communicating.4. With delighting personality5. Between 25 to 40 old ages of age.

Job Breakdown

• Describe in item how the undertaking will be performed and the stairss and processs that will be followed in executing each undertakings.


I. Restaurant Director:

1. Delegate side responsibilities to subsidiaries

a. Check

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