Pre-sequel Of Mice And Men

Far up near the desert-land of California, Weed, in the times of ‘The Great Depression’ the ranches were being swarmed by redundant men, all looking for some kind of work. The main ranch in Weed was named the ‘workers grave’. The vineyard was a long rectangular land, set up in rows of vines. 24th of November, 1930, a normal day giving the state of the economy, the vines were slicing through the wind, like an assassin’s blade through its victim’s neck. The forest-land surrounding was being abused and murdered as henchmen hacked away at the barks of the grandfathers of the land, the trees. Huge cloth torn barley bags were being heaved up onto wooden wheelbarrows and the sound of disgruntled men was the soundtrack of the day, of every day. A half-mile down south of the vineyards was camp. Some small bamboo built houses sloped backwards on an uneven hill-type land.

Back at camp, a card game had just been played out. A small man, with jet black wavy hair and a western accent, wearing a woollen jumper and worn down worker jeans had won. His name was George, but the ranch-workers named him Gumball. This was because of his strong jaw-line being developed due to chewing too much gum. Gumball was a clever young man; he could read, write and even had an education. Gumball was well respected by the other workers. Digging Doug and Singing Sally were two workers at the Ranch. Doug was named after his unique ability to dig for hours on end, and Singing Sally after his squeaky voice and his never-ending banter about his dream to become a famous singer one day.

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Nutter nick was another worker, his name was renowned because of his short temper, and the only man Nick respected on the Ranch was the only worker without a nickname, David. David was an average man, but everybody respected him because he was the eldest, and also the hardest working on the team. Gumball was one of the newest recruit, along with his travelling partner, Loudmouth Lennie. He was ironically nicknamed due to the amount that he actually spoke. Lennie was a huge man, hovering around 6ft 4 with curly brown hair. His face lagged any integrity of a normal educated man. He was wearing washed out dungarees with a pair of blue boots, and a dirtied down tank-shirt. Lennie was an extremely strong man. Even though David was the hardest worker on the Ranch, Lennie got the most work complete.

“Hey Lennie, get some sleep, we got an early morning tomorrow, and there ain’t nobody gonna help you’s get up in the morning, you hear me? And cut off the snoring t’night, I gots to get me some sleep too you know.” Gumball snapped.

“I-I’m sleep-p-p-ed George” Lennie was the only worker that would call Gumball by his real name.

“Oritey then, G’night partner.”

“G-G-George, do, do you’se reckon we gots, Umm, we can stay – stay here now?”

“Ain’t nobody gonna take us away this time Lennie, this is our home now okay, now you just keep dreaming bout those rabbits”

“I li – I like rabbits, G-George”

“G’night Lennie”

Early next morning Dave rounded up the team and they headed out towards the Ranch. Digging Doug was called out midst work by the Boss. The Boss was a crude man; he wore a cowboy hat and high pants, and was constantly chewing on sesame seeds.

“Listen here Shit-Digger, this stays between me & you, you little scumbag.” Sneered the Boss.

“Would help If you told me what I was doing” snapped back Digging Doug.

“Don’t you get lemon; remember who you talking to you piece of shit. I got a job for you, and as long as you don’t tell all your little girlfriends about it, ill make sure you get shower tokens everyday & some extra dessert.”

“What’s the job Boss?” enquired Digging Doug, seeming interested.

“Trust me, if I had a choice I wouldn’t pick your sorry ass to do this, But seeing as you’re the best digger around I don’t got a choice do I? Lousy mother-fuckers of a family buried my savings, in form of a gold bar south of here in the desert, thought I’d lose out in this Depression.” The Boss grunted.

“Let me get this straight up Boss, you want me’s to go gets you your treasure. Dig up a whole couple’a acres of land, and I get some lousy shower tokens and some desert? And how am I ments to do this job without letting the workers know huh?” Interrogated Digging Doug.

“Instead of your normal working day you little douche bag, I come and take you out, drive you to’s the south and let you dig up all day. Once I find that gold, im’a sell this piece of crap land to a couple of hobo’s let you all rot in hell. Maybe I’ll take you away with me if you do’s this job for me” persuaded the Boss half heartedly.

Digging Doug just picked up the rusted brown shovel from the left side of the Bosses desk and just nodded. The Boss picked up his trucker keys and drove out to the south with him, where they started there journey digging up the desert land to find Boss’s gold.

Back at the Ranch, Loudmouth Lennie was throwing the heavy barley bags into the wheelbarrow one-handed. Singing Sally and Dave were struggling, 2 to a bag, just barely hopping them over the wheelbarrows edges. Gumball caught a glimpse of Boss’s trucker with Digging Doug at the back, armed with his shovel.

“Hey David, come over here a sec”

“Gumball…” panted David.

“Look overs there, Our Digging Doug’s gone and got caught up by the Boss, where do you’se think there going?”

“I dunno Gumball, looks like the Boss’s has got him on lock down, we’ll have a word whenever they get back, anyway lets get back to work, we gottsa shift this whole lot by sundown.

Later on in the evening Gumball walked behind the crowd, speaking to Lennie.

“G-George I like its here. Promise ?”

“What in the gods name are you talkin’ bouts now you big dumb bitch, promise what?”

“P-promise we don’ts gotta leave here G-george. Like – Like the last, like the last time George.”

“Look Lennie, forget last time, we aints going anywhere, I know it’s my fault what happened last time but it ain’t gonna happen again, now drop it.”

“Ok G-george, you my friend.” Giggled Lennie

As sundown hit Weed, Digging Doug returned to camp, sweating and tired.

“Hey Doug, you ok? I see Boss got you on some errands. Just tell me what and I’ll sort it for you” murmured David.

“What you talking about? You’se don’t know nothing, get the hell outta my way, im going for a shower.”

“But you don’t have no shower tokens left, you said that yesterday, didn’t you’se?” said Gumball in a calm voice from his bed.

“Yeah well I lied so you scavengers wouldn’t want to share no hot water with me, bunch of queers, I’m out.” Yelled Digging Doug.

All was quite, until Gumball signalled Lennie to come outside, the rest of the workers bitched about Digging Doug whilst playing cards. Outside Gumball told Lennie to follow him and keep quite as they sneaked past the vineyards towards the Boss’s cabin. Silence embarked until suddenly the Boss came creeping around the corner from his cabin, with his wife by his side. His wife was a tall woman; she had straight dark brown, light as a feather hair. Her lips were deep red, they were so pulp they almost spelled seduction. Her skin was pale and fair. She had deep dimples in her cheeks and a heavenly smile. She walked like a queen, so elegant and fluently.

“George, she, she real-really pwetty George.”

“She looks like trouble to me Lennie, stay back.”

The Boss sounded disgruntled as he was speaking to his Wife.

“We’ll find this gold soon and then we’ll sell up and let these assholes rot with this place, I’ve everything planned, the general wants to buy this land for army training, and these guys will be his first puppets. We’ll be rich and we can go live somewhere nice, by the countryside with maids and butlers” Said the Boss eagerly.

“Good, remember, these good for nothings haven’t done you any favours baby”

She angelically stepped closer to the Boss, putting her palms across his chest and lips an inch away from his.

“This can be our dream”

Gumball had been ease-dropping with Lennie hugging tightly to his leg. As the Boss and his wife entered their cabin, Gumball dropped back then he and Lennie headed back to the camp, where lay asleep all of the other workers except David. He was awake staring at the door anxiously as Gumball walked in behind Lennie.

“Go to bed Lennie” demanded Gumball.

Lennie went to his bed and dozed off into a deep relaxing sleep.

“Listen David, I know the rules, bed by 9, up by 6 do the work go to sleep but…”

“You don’t need to make excuses for me George, I know where you 2 hobo’s have been” interrupted David.

“You do?” asked Gumball surprisingly

“You went to spy on the boss, to find out what was wrong with Digging Douglas didn’t you Gumball.”

“Y-Yeah…” Stuttered Gumball.

“Well what’d ya find out then you douche bag.”

“I think he’s using Digging Doug to find his gold, then he’s gonna sell this place and buy up in the country side, reckons he’ll get himself a nice little cottage for him and his whore to live at. Gonna sell up and leave us as puppets for army training.”

“You listen here Gumball, this is serious business, and you donts wanna be getting on the wrong side of Boss. Tell me Gumball, how’d you end up in Weed.”

“We worked on a little ranch down south, gave us free meals, many shower tokens we wanted and some nice little cottages to sleep in. I even had me a girlfriend.”

“You and Lennie?” interrupted David

“Lennie was there also. My girlfriend would look after him real good, treated him as her own son. Lennie being stupid and all didn’t realise what we had so he got himself in a little trouble with the sergeant back there.”

“Sergeant?” enquired David

“You see we worked near an army training base. Lennie hated the sound of gunfire and just went mental, ended up beating up 2 guards, turned out one of them was a sergeant. We ran off ended up here, left my beauty back home down south. Back in army camp there, un-used or retired ranch workers would be given off to the army for money. That was the only bad thing about the place. Also the army would test there new torture tricks or dumb-ass new guns and firepower on these workers. That’s what were gonna be if Digging Doug finds this gold for tha Boss.”

“Go to sleep Gumball, and stay out of it, if this shit goes down, ill let you know. G’night”

“That’s it? G’night? Didn’t you hear me! Were gonna be guinea pigs for the army!”

“Step outta line one more time Gumball and ima kick your ass back to this army camp you’re so obsessed about, now go to sleep”

Gumball stormed back off into bed, and fell into a deep think about the situation.

The next morning at the Ranch, work resumed as normal. Singing Sally was bitching all morning, he had taken over Digging Doug’s usual place doing in the roots for the new vines.

“Where the hell is that Digging Doug now, always running off with the Boss, sounds like a bloody traitor to me” whined Sally.

“Get back to work and watch your mouth, his one of ours.”

“Why you so protective of him David? Huh? You’re sounding like a traitor yourself!” yelled Gumball.

Everyone was silent, not even Singing Sally was talking now.

“You listen here you ungrateful little bitch” Screeched David grabbing Gumball but Gumball pushed David back on to the floor.

“No you listen here” retorted Gumball

Nutter nick had dropped his barley bag and dived headfirst into Gumballs head, knocking Gumball to the floor.

“Ain’t nobody chucking shit at David, now backup or fight me you little pussy” grunted Nutter Nick.

Lennie dropped his barley bag but heard David saying something so stopped in his stride,

“Orite everybody back to work! Shows over” Shouted David dusting off his clothes from the fall.

Mean whilst down south near the desert land Digging Doug was digging up more and more holes in the land, under close supervision. The Boss had his little chair stacked up near his truck, chewing sesame seeds yelling orders.

“C’mon hurry up you weak-ass hunchback poor son-of-a bitch. My grandma can handle that shovel better then you.”

Digging Doug took a deep breathe and suppressed his anger, causing him to dig even faster.

“Thatt’a boy” chanted The Boss.

Back at camp, David drew out some playing cards, and dealt out for Nick & Singing Sally, excluding Lennie & Gumball from the game. Gumball stormed out of the camp towards the vineyards and Lennie scurried behind him.

“Go back Lennie, Go back to camp, David’s in on it, and ain’t nobody hitting David” Gumball dropped to his knees, still bleeding from the cut on his head that Nutter Nick gave him. Gumball was reduced to tears.

“What’s, What’sa matter George, you tell me friend, I kill whats matter!”

“Ahh what the heck do you know Lennie, your just a big dumb shit. Now go back to camp, I’m sorting this for you, so you don’ts get beat-up by those army guys again!”

“Kill David?” asked Lennie

“Listen, don’t say anything, don’t touch anyone or anything just go to camp go to sleep I’ll deal with it. Your not Loudmouth Lennie and I’m not Gumball George, where just Lennie and George, don’t matter what these guys tell you! There not our friends. David.. He’s in on this big plan I know it, but don’t you worry just go back to camp Lennie!” snapped George. Lennie returned back to camp with a confused look plastered to his face. George receded in the distance, towards the Boss’s Cabin…

George broke into The Boss’s cabin through a window, but at the crashing sounds The Boss woke up, in his night dress he skipped down the stairs finding George looking through his files.

“What the hell you doing here you little bastard!” exclaimed The Boss

“I know what you up too, I know about the army, selling this place! The Gold! David! I know all of it and don’t think I’m not gonna tell everybody.”

“You think I’m stupid? I know you know, why’d you think my wife’s not in? she’s out seducing your little retard of a friend. Then she’s gonna cry rape and you’se two are gonna be shot down on the spot!”

“David! That bastard I’ll kill him he snitched he told you everything!”

“David? Don’t be stupid, he was another bloke in the way, only twenty minutes ago I saw him kicking the shit out of my Digger. You see Digging Douglas, he ain’t been getting much sleep lately, you know listening to you and David constantly talking about my plans, he needed to listen and report back to me” laughed The Boss.

“David was helping… helping me?”

“Yep, and right about now your friend Lennie’s gonna be getting shot down.” At this point The Boss turned hysterical with laughter. George sped off back towards the cabin whilst The Boss grabbed his shotgun and ran to the stables for his horses.

Back at Camp The Boss’s wife had lured Lennie into the wash room.

“Big guy like you Lennie, Can’t be letting George have all the fun.”

“George friendly” smiled Lennie.

A sense of danger hindered the room as The Boss’s wife grasped Lennie’s hands and placed them upon her waist. Lennie, aroused held tight, almost breaking The Boss’s hips.

“HELP! Somebody help me, he’s raping me” Screeched The Boss’s Wife, Lennie let go immediately looking shocked he stepped backwards. David suddenly burst into the room, he whispered directions into Lennie’s ear and Lennie jogged off into the distance. The Boss was outside with 3 horses, He woke Singing Sally and Nutter Nick telling them that Lennie had been trying to rape his wife, he handed them each a shotgun, including Digging Doug and ordered them to hunt Lennie down. Panting George came bursting into the room knocking down The Boss’s wife, at the same time The Boss entered the room. David tackled George to the floor as The Boss cocked his shotgun and whispered in his ear

“Quick, Lennie’s waiting south of here near the ditch, get out of here, Now!”

Two gunshots were let off just missing George’s feet as he sprinted out of the room down south towards the Ditch. David was on the floor bleeding, and let out a groan of excruciating pain. He had taken a third bullet in the Chest which was aiming towards George’s Head. The Boss leaped back onto his Horse and rode off west with Digging Doug and Nutter Nick, all three armed and hunting down Lennie & George. George had found Lennie waiting crying behind a Ditch,

“George, you said not like last time! No gunshot I HATE gunshot George!!”

“It’s ok Lennie, it’s ok come here into the Ditch we gotsa be quite right now”

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