Preparing for a Wedding Essay

Getting married is one of the most important changes in somebody’s life , the preparations before wedding in Vietnam normally follow these steps 1 - Preparing for a Wedding Essay introduction. Decide the budget we can affort. The whole of our life revolves around money and wedding is no exception. Hence, the first thing that the bride and groom need to do is decide upon their wedding budget. A budget will enable them to decide the grandeur of their wedding. The choice of location, numbers of guests are the factors that are primarily influenced by a budget. 2. Choose a lucky wedding date Marriage is one of the most important things for a life.

Chinese believe that one lucky wedding date can bring happiness, harmony and wealth for the rest of the life. Instead an inauspicious wedding date can lead to unhappy marriage. In general, a good wedding date can’t be against to either groom’s Chinese zodiac sign or bride’s Chinese zodiac sign. For specific persons, the lucky date for wedding is better calculated by the combination of the four Pillars of both groom and bride. Followings are the general good wedding date for 2013 Year of the Snake. They list what animal sign it is against on that date 3.

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Make check list for tasks of wedding preparation The next thing that the bride and groom need to do is make a detailed wedding preparation timeline. This will enable them to divide the tasks according to their priority and time at their disposal. Important tasks such as booking venue, honeymoon reservations, etc. , should be done at least 3 to 6 months prior to the big day. Maintaining a checklist can help them to organize their time and will also ensure that they finish everything well ahead of time. 4. Bookings and reservation Make all the important bookings when it still have 6 months to go.

These include selecting a venue for wedding and reception, choosing a catering service, hiring a wedding photographer, booking a florist and decorator, hiring a music band, hairstylist, makeup artist etc. Meanwhile, also make sure to have the passport and other travel documents in place. Do not forget to make travel and hotel reservations for the honeymoon. 5. Guest list and invitations they will have to make a list of wedding guests. Then they have to select and buy the invitation cards, send the wedding invitation cards at least 3 to 4 weeks before wedding 6. Choose married rings and jewelry . Choose wedding custom and take wedding photos Shopping for wedding dresses and gifts takes up considerable time of the wedding preparation. The bride and groom will have to make several trips to the shops until they find a perfect wedding dress. Nowadays, Vietnamese brides often choose white dress instead of traditional dress Ao Dai. Besides, they will also have to arrange for bridesmaids dresses and gifts. Attending dress trials and shopping for accessories, shoes is another time consuming task. They will also have to shop for wedding favors, groom’s gift, wedding rings etc.

About one or two weeks before the wedding, the bride and groom will have to register for marriage certificate at The People’s Committee. One day before the wedding, houses of the bride and groom are well decorated with ribbons, flowers, etc. The atmosphere is full of music and happiness. Just before the wedding ceremony, the groom’s family decorates vehicles with flowers as their responsibility is to go and pick up the bride from her home. The couple needs to make up and dress well; they all want to become the most attractive people in their wedding.

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