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Presentation of Great Gatsby

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Explain why Myrtle Wilson’s dream to marry Tom Buchanan is unrealistic? Valley of ashes- broken dream 1) Tom and Nick are going to New York, going through valley of Ashes, a big board the eye of doctor t f eckleburg, eyes of god. knows everything and sees everything, garages is blind to their relation, he thinks he will live with Myrtle forever. 2) Tom is insisting Nick to meet his girl, but Tom only cares his fun, that shows his mean and selfishness, he doesn’t care that Nick doesn’t want to go and meet his girl.

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) Nick was shock of probity, George has no source of income, then he thought this much be the business to fool the police, so there much be some prostitution or bootlegger to make dinner. 4) Nick describe Maritime that she was not attractive, Myrtle walks pass garage as if he was a ghost, shows she doesn’t care about Garage, wish he is dead and go away.

5) wet lips, Myrtle is hungry for Toms money, he use commanding voice to George show she hates him. 6) firecracker but in millenary is to destroy amines, ) Tom just making a secret meeting, Tom said he is doing Mrtle a favour by taking her away from her husband.

8) Nick was shocked because Tom just made a secret meeting under Wilson’s eye, when Nick ask ant you worried? Tom said he is stupid but Wilson is not stupid he just doing his part of the marriage. 9) as they are taking the train to the secret apartment, while Tom thinks Mrtle doesn’t deserve to sit in the first class and told her to go to the third class train, this further proves Tom won’t marry Mrtle. 0) speaker is Nick, got off the train waitting taxie, Mrtle ording the cab, she doesn’t want old cab, she doesn’t want anything with old car, is a purpllish car because Mrtle wants to be the queen, she buy movie magazine, perfume and hand cream, women in the valley of ashes, will never buy it because they will never need it. 11) Myrtle want to buy a dog because she wants to be a part of the high society.

2) Myrtle is blinded to think Tom will marry her, Tom called the female dog a bitch, shows he thinks all women are bitches, and Tom talk to the man who sell dog irrespectively, shows he will not respect Myrtle too because they are in the same class. 13) speaker is Nick, Nick is walking around the secret apartment. full of fancy furnitures, just like a french palance in Versailles, this show Myrtle wants to be a princess in French. 4) speaker is Nick, Myrtle and Tom in secret party, she start to phoning people, as when she calling people, she is sitting in Tom’s lap, as if a lap dance, then Myrtle ask Nick to go buy cigreatte, then they proprally went in to the other room to have sex, this show Myrtle want money and Tom wants sex, this show their relationship is more about money and sex than love.

15) give us a hint that Myrtle’s sister is a prostitute. 6) speaker is Nick, party is starting, beautiful white dress, Myrtle is dressing in white, white represent pure and innocent, but Myrtle is cheating on her husband when Myrtle wearing the dress she felt she is from the high class, this is the best dress she own, and Tom brought it for her and this is why she likes to be with tom. 17) Speaker is Myrtle, Myrtle rejects the compliment, trying to give a impression she had 100 more dress in her dresser, of course Tom brought it for her, that’s why she like to be with Tom. 9) Tom is ordering Myrtle around, just like how Myrtle ordered Wilson around.

show he doesn’t really care about her. 20) he want a letter of recommendation, wants to get rich. 21) Speaker is Tom, Tom is having a conversation, Mr. McKee want to have a recommendation letter from Tom, you want a Tom is just mocking Myrtle, the only person Myrtle she knows is Wilson.

2) she is refering to a coment from Mr Mckee, Myrtle said you are luckley because i did married to the wrong man, then her sister ask her why you married him in the first place, then she said i married him because i thought he was a gentleman(rich), then after she found out he is not rich, she felt Willion weren’t fit to lick her shoe. 23) she is explaining why she married to Willison, 24) Catherine is calling Tom a sweetie, but we never see Tom being sweet, However Catherine is very materialistic, she want Tom and Myrtle to get married so she could benefit too. 5) the speaker is Myrtle, she is telling everybody how she met Tom, they sat across each other in train, Myrtle is looking at Tom and Tom is looking at Myrtle, so Tom get closer and closer and finally touches her, Myrtle was like oh you naughty boy let go of me, and they probably just had sex, this show Myrtle only wants money, and Myrtle is worried about her age, because she is already 31, whatever happens i am doing it now, 26) the party is coming to an end, I see you like my dress, I will give it to you, because rich people don’t wear same cloth twice, that she is going to shopping tomorrow. 7) Myrtle was like when are you going to divorce Daisy and get marry with me? but Tom was like you are not good enough to mention my wife’s name, this shows Tom will not marry her, that Myrtle should know Tom is a beast that she should go back with Wilson 28)speaker is Nick, Tom broke Myrtle’s nose, which suddenly ended the party Nick is flowing Mckee, Mckee show 4 photograph, beauty and breat represent the relationship between Tom and Daisy, Daisy is like the beautyful princess who is prion in the big mansion.

oneness represent Gatsby, old Grocery Horse represents Geroge, now he is like a old horse, Brook’n Bridge represents broken relationship, and this story is full of broken relationship, we have Willson and Mytyle, Daisy and Tom and Daisy and Gatsy. and the bridge is also

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