Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect is Up to Us - Abuse Essay Example

Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect is Up to Us

            “It’s Up to You” is one website that shares tips and relevant information on how to prevent child abuse and neglect - Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect is Up to Us introduction. Just like what the message of the website wants to convey, I also see the importance of the roles of the parents, the professionals, and the children themselves to the implementation of the advocacy.


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 Parents, for me, have the biggest responsibility and hold in the prevention of such incidences. However, I noticed that they are also the first ones to commit child abuse and neglect. Having this in mind, I could partake in the information dissemination that the website is doing. Tips on parenting and some of the parenting tips posters could be used.

            In addition, the professionals or the public in particular, should be aware enough so as to eradicate incidences of child abuse and neglect. The public should be informed well through public service announcements, news letters, and events such as symposiums and seminars. Being a part of the public, I could engage with these activities and materials.

            The kids, themselves, are also being reached out by the website. Since the issue is about them, they should also be getting involved in protecting their rights. Their participation should be observed during the Child Abuse Prevention Month. Here is their chance to join in some of the activities where they are deeply given importance. On my part, I could help in making these activities for children possible. Being a volunteer social worker even for just a day, I think, is

already of great help.

            The advocacy of the “It’s Up To You” website would not be possible if there’s a lack in human resources. What makes it moving is the constant support of the people who sincerely wish for the best welfare of our children. Thus, one way of ensuring the strength of this advocacy is to ensure the strength of its manpower, the strength of the people fighting for our children.


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