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Primark Company Background

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Primark Company Background Primark is part of Associated British Foods (ABF), a diversified international food, ingredients and retail group. Primark has almost 200 stores across Ireland, the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Portugal. Primark’s annual turnover accounts for a significant proportion of ABF’s revenues and profit. Today, Primark specializes in clothing, while marketing primarily to fashion-conscious customers that want value for their money. Important business principles for Primark include respecting human rights and setting guidelines for appropriate conditions of employment in its suppliers’ factories.

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Primark Company Background
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Primark has over 600 major suppliers in 16 countries. These companies provide employment for over 700,000 workers in three continents. Primark is committed to making sure that its partners, both factories and suppliers, also act responsibly towards their employees. The following system we designed deals with the importance of ethical standards in Primark’s industry. The output represents which factories under Primark’s watch have appropriate ethical standards according to the Ethical Trading Initiative. Access Tables The following tables contain information regarding each of Primark’s factories in numerous different countries.

Certain information is provided and will be updated once an auditor has processed whether the factories meet ethical standards. Manufacturing Sites The above table contains important information about each of the manufacturing sites Primark has in its corporation. Each site has been assigned a manufacturing ID, country of location, site size in square ft (thousands). The approval status of these manufacturing sites is listed and will be the focus for our queries. Auditor Table The auditor table simply lists each auditor, which is assigned by a unique ID to aid in simplifying our data lookups.

This table also shows which auditing company will be used, under the affiliation column as well as the price per 1,000 square feet per manufacturing site. Audit Process Table The table above depicts the overall auditing process. Each time an audit has been conducted it has been given a unique audit ID number so it is easier to lookup. The table also shows the manufacturing sites, which must be audited with a manufacturing ID as well as auditor ID. There is a start date and end date as well as a project price for the audit process. This table can be connected to the manufacturing sites table by linking manufacture ID.

Unapproved Sites Query This table clearly depicts which manufacturing sites have not been approved. It shows which sites have no been approved by the manufacturer ID as well the country which it is located and the size of the site. This query is linked to the manufacturing sites table by the manufacturing ID. By only showing unapproved sites this enables a simple means of looking up which sites must still be audited. Auditors in Budget Query This table shows which auditors and under which affiliation will be most cost efficient for each manufacturing site.

When designing this query we used the criteria of under $400 to show us which auditors were in Primark’s price range. All audit processes under $400 will be used and will ultimately save Primark a significant amount of money. All Data Query The following data is from our final query that contains most of our data from each table so it can easily be transferred to excel. The data included from the audit table are, auditor ID, affiliation, price per 1,000 square feet at the site. From the manufacturing sites table the information in the columns, manufacturer ID, country, and site size in square feet in thousands.

By only using sites and auditors involved in the audit process table, it makes the data much easier to export into excel for analysis. These are all the fields of information required for use in excel. Excel Sheet with Equations for Projects This table is used to calculate the prices for the completed audit process. By multiplying the size per square foot in the manufacturing site by the price per square foot each auditor requires to do his job, we arrived at the final project cost of each needed audit process. After all these audits were completed the final cost of having each unaudited manufacturing site completed was $30,534.

48. This total cost will have saved the company a significant amount of money due to our goal of using the cheapest auditors to process our sites. Pivot Table This pivot table organizes our auditors into a table, which shows averages for price per thousand square feet as well as a totals column to show an overall average of all auditors. The columns are organized by auditor affiliation. Pivot Chart The pivot chart was created in order to display a graphical representation of the auditors. The different colored bars represent the affiliation and are gauged by price.

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