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My primary goal in my choice of Nursing as a major is to serve the underprivileged - Primary goal in my choice of Nursing introduction. Having experienced financial difficulties myself, I could empathize with the marginalized. I could see their dire need for access to quality healthcare services, and I would like to contribute to addressing this need. In the future, I would want to form part of a program that has a strong thrust towards serving poor communities and minorities.

My decision to apply for a scholarship is also consistent with my academic goals. I have strived to excel in my academic subjects and struggle to be engaged in each class activity. If I am fortunate to qualify for the scholarship, this will be a profound source of pride – that will compel me all the more to be exemplary in my academic performance. Having all the competencies necessary for being an effective nurse, I believe, begins with theory or content. The other significant half would be the ability to apply classroom learning into meaningful, real-life contexts. Overall, being a scholar would help me have avail me both. My sense of gratitude and indebtedness in being a scholar would compel me all the more towards real service, because to whom much is given, much is also required. Later on, I would want to give back to poor communities the chance that I have been provided by the scholarship.


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I believe that nursing is a vocation and I find it very appealing because it gives me the opportunity to serve people. While I do have strong aspirations of being a nurse, and the belief that I am prepared for it mentally and emotionally, the practical constraints of finances are a serious consideration. Finishing the program would mean substantial expense which I may not be able to afford on my own at the moment. I hope the scholarship would grant me this privilege so that I may realize my dream of being a nurse – and of delivering competent and committed community service.


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