Process and Persuasive Essays: Similarities and Differences

Process and Persuasive Essays: Similarities and Differences

            Essays are being done in different subject matters inside the learning place - Process and Persuasive Essays: Similarities and Differences introduction. Most of the time, professors require students to submit an essay regarding a particular object or topic. There are different types of essays and knowing the distinction among these essays is of mere importance. Surely, no one would like to have a failing grade because of the fact that he has a poor understanding regarding the essay that his professor is requiring. Besides, admitting this fact and obtaining a failing grade would be embarrassing and I bet that not anyone would like to be embarrassed.

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Process and Persuasive Essays: Similarities and Differences
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            As mentioned above, there are various types of essays and these include the process and persuasive essay. Process and persuasive essays are bound to present facts and information regarding a certain topic to the readers. These facts are based on thorough analysis and studies. The persuasive type of essay or also called as argumentative essay chooses a position regarding a particular topic. It is design to make arguments and persuade the readers to take the viewpoint or the side of the writer. On the other hand, the process type of essay is design to provide and describe the steps of a certain process. This type of essay merely state the procedures involve in a process and do not take sides or present any arguments. Every step is explained in detail in order for the readers to understand. Process essays also makes used of different transitional words when switching from one step to the other. This usually starts with the first step and progresses to the next until it reaches the final step. In persuasive essays, transitional words are not frequently used. These words are only seen in between paragraphs in order for the readers to follow the path of logic of the presentation.

            The goal of a persuasive essay is to argue about a certain issue and convince the reader to take the argument of the writer. Before writing a persuasive essay, it is important that the writer has a thorough background regarding the topic and have a clear position. This would eventually lead the writer in writing the essay effectively. In addition, the arguments that the writer would present should be base on facts. Evidences must be presented through examples and statistics to support the claim. Although opinions of the writer would also offer help in the development of a persuasive essay, too much used of such opinions would not be beneficial. An opinionated persuasive essay will not lead the readers to be one and accept the proposition of the author.

            Process type of essay is concern in presenting the step by step procedure of a specific process. The choice of topic, just like in persuasive essay, is needed to be considered. The complexity of the process being considered in the essay should be analyzed first. Since the goal of the process type of essay is to educate and guide the readers in doing a certain process, it is important that the words being used in the construct of the essay must be simple. Simplicity in the choice of words would be an effective tool to convey the message more effectively. Complex processes would sometimes require vocabularies that are not familiar to the readers, thus a writer must limit his choice of topics and consider the status of his target readers.

Persuasive and process type of essays also differs on the tone of writing. Persuasive essays, most of the time, has a more formal tone while the process essay is most likely to be written in an informal manner. Both type of essays presented are design to convey information and data based on facts. In addition, the most obvious similarity of the two essays is that, they are both an essay. They are both constructed through the used of complete sentences (not bulleted) and usually deal with a single subject.

            Knowing the definition of these two types of essay, or even the other types of essay, is not enough. What is more important is to know their goal and distinction. Essay writing would be difficult if the goals and distinctions among the essays are not clear. Also, a vague background regarding these essays may result to an unorganized paper and would eventually lead the readers into a sense of confusion.


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