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Process of Strategic Management- Millercoors



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    As companies attempt to reconstruct their main focus and purpose as a company, they must take a step back and understand the process of their strategic plan. There are a series of five steps that each company should follow when completing the process of strategic management. Each step is very critical for when wanting to achieve success, and I believe that MillerCoors Company is an organization that has completed this series of steps to achieve success in their industry. Mission Statement The first step in the process is creating a mission statement, as easy this sounds, creating a mission statement is rather difficult. According to the MillerCoors Sustainability Report, “MillerCoors Company is committed to providing the highest quality …show more content…

    MillerCoors has invested in an amazing professional development system, which is both an online and classroom training facility so that their employees are trained to be the best employee they can be. This system is developed to focus the employee on job development, business and ethicial leadership. MillerCoors has a culture that this focuses on impacting the environment and becoming a company where they put their employees and the communities before the shareholders. When decision making process is started, MillerCoors believes that they should adapt and reflect on the environment and to continue to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Once the internal assessment is complete, MillerCoors must establish goals and objectives. Goals and Objectives MillerCoors believes that their goals and what they want to achieve has set them apart. They want to show the world that they are committed to excellence in everything that they set out to accomplish. MillerCoors has made great strides in reducing their environmental footprint, they want to improve environmental performance. This is achieved reducing fuel, energy, water and emissions. MillerCoors has an environmental stewardship, which is monitored on a regular basis to achieve their goals that they have created in 2013. Another goal .

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